Smiths Crossing Fishing On Fathers Day

On Fathers Day we were able to celebrate the day with both David and his Dad! It was special even though all of our boys were not able to be with us {insert sad face here!!}

And we wanted to all get out of David’s parents house so we headed to Smiths Crossing Fishing on Fathers Day was the general idea- which by the way is no longer a crossing – the last floods 2 years ago destroyed the bridge that badly that the council decided it was not worth trying to fix it. So the people on the other side of the creek can no longer meet the School bus in the mornings or the afternoons and have to find another way home.

As soon as we got out of the car our baby {who will always be my baby even though he is now 10} ran off down to the creek with his fishing rod and tackle kit. He lives for fishing!

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Happy Fathers Day Daddy

Last year I wrote to my Dad for Fathers Day. The only thing is I am not sure he even read what I wrote for him. You see I have no idea where my Dad is living at the moment so I couldnt write and post him a letter.

I wanted to let him know that I am ok with that. I am ok with the fact that I was very stupid and said/did things that to our Father/Daughter Relationship so that he thought he had to move away from us. I am ok with the fact that he has no idea we live in a Motorhome nor does he realise we have our gorgeous son Kyle.

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