The Best Gingerbread House Ever

We have the most amazing talented friend ever, and I feel guilty!! She made us The Best Gingerbread House Ever and yet I was not expecting it.

Actually I feel like I should be sending something in return but yet I still can’t figure out what could make up for such talent!! The details gone into the Gingerbread house is something I have never ever seen before….

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I Am In Denial

I love this time of the year. Normally. I get so excited and I can’t wait to the actually day…but this year as I sit here thinking about what I should be doing to have Presents ready in time for the big day I Am In Denial.

Its not allowed to be only 14 days till Christmas??? No way!

I have not purchased any gifts for our boys, nor how I thought about what to get David. And you know what I don’t seem to care – I am not making a list, and not checking it twice…

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