Happy 21st Birthday To Our Son

Our oldest is now 21 years old – how did all those years go bye that very fast? I remember his birth like it was yesterday. I was shopping when the first contraction hit – and it came in fast and strong from that very moment. I was two weeks over due with him {we went two weeks overdue with all of our boys}.

And I was so very young….back then I thought I knew it all!!! Ha if only I knew then what I know now! As a young Mum I had to face a lot of “looks” when out and about – I was only 20 when I gave birth to him. And the area I grew up was not the best to raise a baby.

And I had to fight to be able to have my baby – there was a “family” meeting with my side of the family and they all thought I shouldn’t be having him and asked me to not go through with the pregnancy. Luckily I am so head strong and I follow my heart – no-one was talking me out of having my baby.

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