Illawarra Homeschooling Group Meet Ups

Since we are staying put in one place {for too long far as I am concerned!!} we have connected with the most amazing Homeschooling Group in the whole of Australia…..Illawarra Homeschooling Group Meet Ups happen on every second Tuesday, every second Thursday and we have Auskick every Wednesday.

Illawarra Homeschooling Group Meet Ups ::

We don’t mind travelling so we happily travel anywhere – from down to Minnamurra to even Thirroul – we are happy to see as much of the Wollongong area as possible!! And we love meeting other homeschoolers.

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Homeschooling Unschooling

When we started Homeschooling with Nicholas and Cameron about four years ago, we looked at all the different homeschooling styles. We decided to homeschool both boys for a year, taking them out of school to give them a year at home. At first I was really worried about what style of homeschooling system to choose – do we go with a full support program that included hours of text book work or do we go with the style of Homeschooling Unschooling?

Homeschooling Unschooling Style

Homeschooling UnschoolingLuckily for our family I found a great support system that meet up at least once a month on the Sunshine coast, and also a great leader who I was able to ring and speak to when ever I had questions. At first we tried to fit (every day) all of the text book work that we could. Plus join sports activities, monthly meetings at Mary Cairncross Park with other homeschooling groups and also drive to Maleny once a month to a wonderful Archery expert who taught the boys how to use a bow/arrow from his home. There was so many different homeschooling groups out there, that we ended up having to choose what activities to join, and what days we needed to say “No” so that we could have a day at home! That is where we discovered the beauty of Homeschooling Unschooling Style.

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Homeschooling Books

The other day the post arrived and it was so exciting for our boys!! They waited around the box like it was Christmas time…itching to get the box open! They were super excited to get their hands on all of their Homeschooling Books.

Homeschooling Can Begin

As we are getting “Rose The Lifestyle Challenge Bus” ready to travel around Australia I am getting the boys Homeschooling Books organised. I ordered all of the books that they needed in one big order so that when they are finished with each book I am able to order little bits here and there. Some of these text books will last for about 12 months – others will last for about 6 months! Here is our crazy boys waiting for me to open the box…..

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Homeschool Resources

Its important when starting out with Homeschooling to find a support system. It is not an easy task by any means but with Homeschool Resources, support, team work and the right attitude anything is possible!

Homeschooling Children Of All Ages

As I have talked about in How To Homeschool and discussed in Homeschooling In Australia we are homeschooling our five boys and they all have different needs, different levels of books and different styles of learning. My oldest is crazy about sport, while my second boy loves reading. So to encourage Hayden to read I make sure we have sports books in the house, or visit the library so he can check out the sport section.

The Library is a fantastice resource for homeschooling children and their parents. It is a great way to spend the day, looking at books that will relate to their school work as well as keep you sane when you need a day out of the house. Due to the limited amount of storage space that I will have on our bus we will not have a huge collection of books on hand, but will be visiting many libraries as possible along the way.

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Home Schooling In Australia

I have had a few questions about what we are doing for with our five boys about schooling. I know a few families that are traveling around Australia with enrolling the children into schools from state to state or town to town. I have thought about doing that, especially as we are spending time in one place for the moment while we get Rose finished off!

Home Schooling In Australia

Drawing while HomeschoolingYes I have decided to be brave, or crazy, to try Home Schooling In Australia. I have homeschooled with two of our boys a few years back so I know what to expect with Home Schooling but this time I am also homeschooling our older high school boys so its a bit different! I hope this video explains about how we are Home Schooling While Traveling and what we are doing with the system we are using. I have answered as many questions as I could think about, but if I have left any answers out then give me your questions below the video and I will get back to you……

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