Homeschooling News

Not sure if I updated about our latest Homeschooling News? Thought I better get everyone up to date with what we are doing regards homeschooling!

Homeschooling New Life on the Road Style

Since we are stopped for a time in one spot (hurry up hubby and finish the job already!!) we have two children attending schools. Nicholas is loving Grade 8 at High school and Cameron is in Grade 5 at Primary School. Did you all notice how I left out the words “Loving Grade 5“? Well that is because he only goes to school for the friends, he doesn’t actually go for the education. And now that a few issues have happened with one boy hitting him a little bit too much (the kid thinks its funny?) he is not too keen to keep on going. The school camp that is coming up soon is the only reason why he is still at the school.

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