Would Life On The Road Continue With Our Bedford

Was life on the road going to continue with our 40 year old Bedford motorhome? Or was a quick fix up and resale the best option so that we could look for something that was a little bit more trouble free?

The Big Decision

Having seen most of the problems that came with our forty year old motorhome it was time to weigh up all the information and come to a decision. Was our old bus worth saving? Or would it be better to do a little bit of work to make it usable again and sell it for whatever profit we could get?

The points in favor of us keeping it were:

  • Being a 1970 model meant that everything was basic (no electronic engine or gearbox management) which meant I could have a half decent crack at fixing mechanical problems myself.
  • Despite some of the furniture being damaged, it was already fitted out. Much more cost effective and easy to work with than starting from scratch.
  • There are a lot of old Bedfords in wrecking yards around Australia. So finding second hand parts should not be to hard.
  • It has a very large rear boot which gives us a lot of storage room
  • There was plenty of natural light inside because the majority of the original windows had been retained.

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