Flat Stanley Visits Bundaberg

We have had a Flat Stanley all the way from Florida USA for the last few months. And its visited so many places {yes it even went on Our First Family Cruise}. Now its going on one more adventure with us on Monday night and then its time to send it home.

We took it to the Glasshouse Mountains Camping Trip, to the Science Centre, and it even climbed Mt Ngungun. The other day it even went to the beach with us!

Its been to the Homeschooling End of Year Party!

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Through The Eyes of A Seven Year Old

Kyle is our youngest of five, and our baby. But he is way smarter than I will ever be! He is seven, and he is so very lucky to be raised differently to his other brothers.

I think that the place of the child makes the difference. With our first son (sorry mate) he was our experiment…where everything we did was for the first time. So all of our trial and errors played out on his head. And we learnt big time what to do next time around!!

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From Kyle

I am Kyle. I would like to show my adventures. I like to play in the bushes.And when I go camping I go around and find fossils of dinosaurs bones

I like to climb trees. I go swimming if the Caravan Park has a swimming pool.  If they don’t have a swimming pool I don’t go swimming. And I like to play at the park if the caravan park place has one. And I like to play down holes.

I like Ice-Creams and Chocolate on the beach. I like to play angry birds on the phone. And I like to smile 🙂

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Cape Hillsborough In The Eyes of A Child

Yesterday I shared about our trip to Cape Hillsborough….today I thought I would share Kyle’s New Camera images! Actually I wont share all of them because he took over 80+ photos and two videos. The videos were so cute, he moved so much that they are too shakey to put online. Maybe next time we will remember the tripod.

Here are a handful of what was on his camera…..

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