Life On The Open Road

New Life on the Road is about to begin for Real!! We have been sitting here for so long getting Rose The Lifestyle Challenge Bus ready and getting excited to get this show on the Open Road! Life On The Open Road will be a new journey our family is about to begin. We are getting used to the close contact that our Motor-home provides, and used to the idea of hitting the Open Road without a house to tie us down.

Staying In One Place For Too Long!

We have been sitting here in Bundaberg since February. If anyone had told me that it would take us this long to get the Motor-home ready then I would have brought one from eBay that did not need fixing up. We so wanted to be on the Road, showing our gorgeous Boys all there was to Australia by now. I still stand by my decision to buy Rose, as we needed a different way to bring up our family, and a way to make our five boys close. Even though one of our boys has decided to go his own way, we still are saying that we are a family of seven! I caught myself the other day, as I was saying that we were almost ready for Life on the Open Road to begin with our five boys – then realised it would begin with our four boys.

The New Journey On the Road

The Journey is so going to be new to us. We have lived in a house for over 15 years as a family, and we have owned our own house for 7 years. Until we decided that there must be more to life. There has to be a life out there that is full of adventures, full of fun times, and full of laughter. We saw what our family was like last year – with no time for each other, no time for our boys, and no way of how we could get out of that situation. Something had to change, something had to be done. So it was the beginning, and we will never look back – Life on the Open Road is so what this family needs. We need to change our Parenting Style, and spend more time with our boys before they do leave home.

All Smooth Sailing?

Is it going to be all smooth sailing for our family as we head off to the open road? Is it going to be easy going? Who knows? What I do know is that I want the freedom. I want to travel. I want my boys to experience the real living. If I had my time over again…I would do it a lot sooner. Our family would have travelled when our boys were younger, and we would have given them more experiences, and they would have bonded more then they are starting to now. What would you ever do that is different if you had your time over again?

Look Out Australia – Here Comes The Woody Family!

Have I ever told you how loud our boys are ? Well they are loud. They laugh, they share, they care, they scream, they fight, they have their own little ways of getting along in our family. So if you ever see our Motorhome go through your town, smile and wave! We will be sure to beep back. If you do get to meet us somewhere around Australia, I apologise up front for their loud funny ways 🙂 What can I say? We are a family that is perfect for us, and we are about to experience Life on The Open Road.




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