Living Like The Rich and Famous : Novotel St Kilda

Living Like The Rich and Famous : Novotel St Kilda

It would be so nice to say that we are Living Like The Rich and Famous but that is so far from the truth that I would be telling you a lie! I would like the rich statement but you can keep the famous bit.

Novotel St Kilda Amazing Room

A few weeks back I was thinking about where to stay while I was in Melbourne courtesy of World Vision and also attending the Digital Conference 2012. I know St Kilda (not really well but I know the main streets!) so I started concentrating in that area. It is the most amazing place – cafes, restaurants, night life, beaches, Luna Park, and I so love the gorgeous culture.

Last time I was in St Kilda I stayed at the amazing Tolarno Hotel. Gosh is that fantastic – the colour scheme sounds really weird but it worked. Every wall had the most amazing Art pieces I have ever seen.

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