Maroochy Wetland Sanctuary

Today we joined in on a Treasure Hunt at the Maroochy Wetland Sanctuary – a fun day out organised by Sunshine Coast Council Events – Kyle’s best mates Mum let us know about it – so grateful for such amazing friends!

Even though Kyle’s best mate couldn’t make it {and we really missed him} we still decided to go along cause we all needed a day out and about in the gorgeous healing sunshine.

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Chambers Island Maroochydore

We used to always drive past Chambers Island Maroochydore when we used to live on the Sunshine Coast – like drive past it all of the time and never ever cross the bridge to it….now we are walking across there at least once a day. And we love our perfect spot….its gorgeous. And its such a pretty place to meet Kyle’s “Best Friend” – he is the most friendliest kid ever, whenever he meets someone they all become his “Best Friend”.

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