Fixing The Springs

David was able to organise through his ex-Boss to have our Springs repaired/rebuilt. David from Keep On Travelling knew basically everyone in the Wollongong area so it made it so much easier {and cheaper} to get all of our major work done – quality work at cash prices is the only way to go.

Fixing The Springs on the front was a lot easier then the back ones – only because of the weight issues. They were heavy in the front, and had to be lifted with a Pulley System that David rigged up. But the Back ones were twice as heavy and were harder for David to move around.

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The Bolt That Stopped The Nation

Got your attention right? Well that’s what I was aiming for!!! For real, The Bolt That Stopped The Nation is what’s going on in our Motorhome with the back springs.

Thanking you universe for providing easier front springs for David to Work on, damn these back ones {wish I could say more words but I am trying very hard to be polite here!!!}

Front of the Motorhome


We had the front of the Motorhome on a lean last week while he worked on the Front Springs – they were easier to get out which was so good!

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Caravan and Motorhome Repairs

Seen as how David has worked for one company on the Sunshine Coast, and is now working for a company in Wollongong I thought that I would share where to go for Caravan and Motorhome Repairs.

So if you are in the Sunshine Coast Area and need Caravan and Motorhome Repairs  the people to go to are Suncoast Caravan Service.

If you are in the Wollongong area the people to go to are Keep Travelling.

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Motorhome repairs Progress Report

When doing your own motorhome repairs you might have to gain access to areas that you normally can not get to. You might be fitting or replacing plumbing, 12/24 volt wiring or opening up areas for your electrician. When that happens you have to get creative and explore other possible ways to get the job done. Sometimes though you have no alternative to removing paneling and or furniture so that repairs can be made.  This is what we have had to do to “Rose The Lifestyle Challenge Bus”.

Going Backwards To Move Forwards

Interior Of Our Motorhome when we bought it

Now that our motorhome is watertight it is time to focus some attention on bringing the interior up to scratch and modifying it to suit our families needs. The walls all need relining after changing the windows and both the 240v and 12/24v electrical systems need updating.

The electrical systems have to be at least roughed in (running any new wiring) at this stage. Which is what we are up to at the moment. I have my electrician taking care of the 240volt mains with me opening any areas that he needs to get to in advance. I am also taking care of all the 12/24 volt wiring at the same time and building  cupboards to house the new safety switches and the 12v switch panel and battery monitors. Read more

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