Buy A Motorhome In Australia

There are more and more families who are now living/travelling on the Road. Through many different means – Caravans, Pop-tops, Camper Trailers, Backpackers, Couch Surfers and even in Motorhomes.

If I could have my time over again, would I buy a Motorhome from eBay? You betcha! Maybe I would have looked at it before hand, and maybe we (Hubby and I) could have chosen one together. But never mind….cant turn back the clock, but you can look towards the future.

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Rose The Lifestyle Challenge Bus Quick Update

As we are madly getting ready to take our life on the road in Rose The Lifestyle Challenge Bus I thought I would do a quick update. Covering everything that David is doing/has done and how the Motorhome is looking with David trying to get it all completed before we hit the road!

Rose The Lifestyle Challenge Bus – Quick Update

To get Rose on the road David is working very late at night, and up early each morning working on fixing up the Motorhome so we can leave to travel around Australia. After posting about our quick update video about what we are packing/selling off/taking with us – I thought a quick update video of the inside of Rose The Lifestyle Challenge Bus was needed! So here is the latest news…. Read more

Buying a Used Motorhome

Is buying a used motorhome a good idea? Or would you be better off buying or building a new one? If you are not mechanically minded I would suggest that you buy a new or good second hand motorhome. But please have it checked out by someone who knows what to look for. Some poor quality motorhomes are sold at a premium price by unscrupulous sellers. If you fancy yourself as a Cabinet Maker, Plumber, Panel Beater, Auto Electrician, Upholsterer and Mechanic Then I would refurbish an older motorhome. It costs much less and is quicker than starting from scratch. But read on to discover What challenges may lay ahead.

The Challenges Ahead

These are some of the challenges that I have ahead of me to renovate our used motorhome. They are typical of the problems faced in older motorhomes, but obviously each motorhome will have its own unique set of  faults. Read more

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