We Are Moving!

The other day I wanted to rant, cry and scream. But that wasnt going to help us nor was it going to do anything about what happened. I wish I could give you all of the details but details are not that important. Lets just say that We Are Moving. Even though our Motorhome looks like this…


We Are Moving

We Had To Move ~ Even though Our Motorhome Is NOT Ready!

And this….

Our motorhome is still needing renovations

The Side Panels Are Not On Yet!

We were put inot a spot where we had no choice. No choice but to move on. And believe it or not its a really good thing that has happened.

At First I was freaking out (even had to speak to a good friend on Facebook Chat cause I was in panic mode) and then it soon become clear what we could and did need to do.

I was also very fortunate to meet the gorgeous Sparkling Adventure Family the other day. Lauren helped me to see that this move was a good thing 🙂

{Not sure why ~ but  I forgot to take photos of her gorgeous girls, and their amazing bus. But if you go to “A Morning at Woodys” you will see her four daughters ~ each one is so different in personality and all are such strong girls with the most amazing imagination, so very Intelligent and so very loving to each other and to new children. It was such a good morning with their family!

We have even meet three amazing couples from where we staying because of our move. Spending an afternoon getting to know them – yet before this weekend we barely had spent time with them. We even got invited back for a BBQ dinner (funny it takes moving on to get to know someone!)

Moved On!

We are also staying with the most kindest amazing Family we have ever come across.

The family has kids who are friends with Cameron and Kyle. (they have a boy and a girl the same ages as our kids). They are the same family who we trusted our boys to have a sleep over with. They are the family who share their amazing big pool with our kids every afternoon and every weekend. They are the family who bake cookies and cupcakes with Kyle in their amazing kitchen!

The gorgeous family who lets us use their pool

Swimming and Playing Together

They even have the same Colour scheme as our Motorhome ~ I am serious…they have the Black, Red, and White theme in the kitchen with the same benches as what we have! (spun me out the first time I saw it!)

So from my panic “Oh My How are we going to Move” thoughts…

to Yep We Moved and it was so worth it feelings.

What Happened To Make Us Move Our Motorhome while it was still apart?

We were asked to stop with our renovations (with power tools) yet that is not possible! With our move we are saving a lot of money ~but its more than that.

Good friendships have formed because we had to move.

We are also now going to be around more Kids and another family way of living. And my heart is singing. Because that means that we too are around friends. Around people who I can chat to, and who I can laugh with. Something that I have been missing – having a community to support us and one we can offer our friendship to.

This Move Is A Good One!

One that was a surprise, and one that I have seen through a new fresh outlook. It was as if the Universe was again telling us its time for better things to happen to us 🙂

* Update * {We Are Now All Moved ~ David woke up at 5.00am and got the outside ready. We moved very early this morning, and we even have water and electricity connected back up}

What Has Moving Done For Your Lifestyle?

Have You Ever Moved Because You Had To And It Worked Out Well?



New Life on the Road

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