Munching Monday Chicken Mushroom Pasta For Three

Over the weekend I was cooking for three…do you know how much LESS ingredients you need when there is only three of us instead of seven of us 🙂

Cameron, Kyle and I headed to my oldest son’s house on Thursday afternoon because he had an “Fire Alarm Inspection” in his unit and someone had to be there. David joined us on the Sunday so that we all could go to Luna Park.

On Saturday Night I made the most easiest meal ever…..

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Munching Monday Feta and Spinach In Jacket Potatoes

The other day I prepared the Jacket Potatoes in our new frying pan so that when David got home he could prepare {and cook} the Feta and Spinach.

Its an easy Vegetarian dish that is healthy, very yummy and all of our boys will eat it happily!

Feta And Spinach In Jacket Potatoes ::

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Munching Monday Chicken Fettuccine

My all time favorite dish is Chicken Fettuccine, its way better cooked on our Choofer but unfortunately we are not allowed to cook any meals on it due to being too close to the Petrol Station!

Stupid rules but I reckon they are made up by one of the residents who happened to get upset by the smoke that was created one night when David started cooking on it!!

Cause I asked the Petrol Station if he had any idea if we were allowed to cook on a open flame where we are parked, and he came out to look at our Motorhome location….and he thought it was a crazy rule!!!

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Munching Monday :: Cameron Cooks Dinner

We are sharing Cameron’s Love of cooking. Its funny but he says he wants to be a chef, and that he loves cooking. Yet he hardly ever cooks anything! So when he offered to cook dinner last week I jumped at the chance for David and I to have a night off from preparing and cooking a meal!

Cameron Cooks Dinner ::

Roast Chicken and Baked Veggies.

It was so very yummy…he even stuffed the Chicken with Onions, Butter and Garlic!

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Munching Monday :: Wood Fired Pizza

Sorry I am a day late with posting…but I did have a good reason! I got my act together and took charge of my health by visiting a dentist. He was good – he took out my tooth without mucking me around, and now I am slowly healing the infection. Looking forward to a normal face, hot coffee and food once again – not sure when that will be but I do know the pain is going to be worth it.

Munching Monday

Munching Monday is meant to be posted on Monday – sorry I know its Tuesday here in Australia but a least our readers overseas will be reading on their time frame!

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Munching Monday :: Cooked Breakfast In Bed

Nothing better than a Cooked Breakfast In Bed. And it shouldn’t be Mothers Day, Christmas or Easter (or any other special day of the year) to have someone bring it to you.

Munching Monday ::

Sunday I was given a Cooked Breakfast in Bed meal.

Munching Monday I was given a Cooked Breakfast in Bed (hot cakes but I forgot to get a photo!!)

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Munching Monday :: Beer Battered Fish N Chips

We love to try different meals, and lucky for us David likes to cook them! One of Kyle’s favorite is Fish n Chips. And he asks for them on a regular basis.

I Love Fish n Chips, actually I love all seafood. Beer Battered Fish n Chips is the best.

Hubby prefers Steak to fish, and wont eat any other seafood!

Yet he will cook any of his boys favorite meals ::

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Munching Monday :: Onion Soup With Bread

Its Monday! And I thought I would start sharing a different recipe each week….with Munching Monday :: Onion Soup with Bread. It was from a French Book that Cameron got from the Library.

We get asked “What Do You Cook While Living in A Motorhome?” – we cook healthy meals most of the time.

He chose the book, and chose the recipe, and I ended up making it!!

David and I enjoyed it as well as Zachery but the other three were not too keen on eating it, and have requested we not make it again!!

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