Same Family Different Son Different Forces

Same Family Different Son Different Forces

You know I said “No other sons are joining the forces in our family”…well I should have kept my mouth shut! Cause Cameron has been asking to attend Airforce Cadets for sometime and now that we are on the Sunshine Coast I looked it up! Same Family Different Son Different Forces.

Cameron is now part of the Airforce Cadets, he wants to enter the Airforce as a Pilot. And who am I to stand in his way of his dreams? Even though my mama heart is very scared I have to put that aside and trust that it will all work out.

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Our Family Update

This weekend gone was far too much, too much going on and it was way too hot!! And it was a lot of hugs, laughter, crying, sadness, grateful, and also a big wake up call. Our Family Update is one that will take you by surprise.

On Saturday we packed up the Motorhome and headed out of the caravan park that we were staying in….we are now parked at David’s work with the front of the bus up higher then the back of the bus because he is doing the springs.

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Saying Goodbye

Two days ago we got the news that our second son was flying back from Perth To Sydney. To join a Ship. Leaving today, no idea for how long, no idea where and no idea when he will get back. Saying Goodbye is never ever easy for anyone, its harder when you don’t know any details or know when he will be back.

We had one hour will him last night. One hour to sit down next to him in a Pub, have a meal, few non-alcoholic drinks, lots of hugs and lots of laughter.

It was the best One Hour of our life!!!

Besides the day you were born of course.

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Saying Goodbye And I Forgot

Today was it. Where we had to be up and on the road by 6.30 am as we had to be in Sydney before 8.30am – we actually arrived just around 8.10am!! Finally got to somewhere on time….guess it was because of how important today was.

Saying Goodbye And I Forgot ::

We all thought that our older son was on duty this morning and that we would not spend much time with him…..guess I got that wrong too! We actually got a tour of the Ship and got to spend the time with him, but I Forgot.

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Our Last Family Day

Today we spent some family time at My Oldest Son’s place, as Our Last Family Day. With Zachery allowing me take photos! It must be a very special occasion for him to agree to the Camera coming out and for me to get smiles on his dial 🙂

Our Last Family Day ::

We arrived in the afternoon for a BBQ lunch, good times, lots of laughter and time to reflect on what our second son is going to go through with his Basic Training down in Melbourne. He is in for 11 weeks of lots of stuff that he has never been through before! And his big brother was giving him lots of tips/hints {mind you he reckons that he can’t remember what he went through cause it was too long ago!!}

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The Beginning of a New Life

He made it! That is (for those that are new to here) our oldest son has made it into the Navy. He was sworn in with an official ceremony today at 10.00 am. He is now in the navy and has 11 weeks of training ahead of him. The Beginning of a New Life is about to start for our son, and we are so proud!

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