New Beginnings

With my love of reading blogs, and following others on their journeys through life and travel, I discovered Dorothy from Singular Insanity. Was also very lucky to met Dorothy in Melbourne at the Digital Conference a little while ago!

Today I am proud to be sharing her guest blog post New Beginnings ::

Looking back on my 44 years, I realise that I am the Queen of New Beginnings.

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Life On The Road Continues

How was Life On The Road going to continue with our rusty old Bedford motorhome? Was the first thing that Lisa asked when I told her that I wanted to fix it up to tour Australia instead of sell it.

Lisa’s Turn To Be Surprised

Was it a look of surprise and joy that we were going to travel as originally planed? Or was it a look of horror that I may have finally flipped my lid? That I could see on Lisa’s face when I told her that we were keeping the bus . I think it may have been surprise. But there are many moments where I think Lisa might have been right if she was thinking that I had flipped my lid. Read more

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