The Journey Begins

So we packed up our house, sold most of our furniture off and stored the rest. Then the fun starts….we hit the road and The Journey Begins! Or so we think…….

How The Packing Went

I was so shocked with how much I still had left in each room, in each cupboard, under the house and even in the boys cubby house! David picked up the truck on Tuesday morning and packed our house into it, taking it on the road Wednesday morning up to Bundaberg. Then he had to bring the truck back in the same day! Yep that’s 10 hours of driving in one day, plus having to unpack the truck. Then we had to clean. I cleaned all day Wednesday, all day Thursday, all day Friday and was still cleaning right up to Saturday afternoon. We were told by the Real estate that it had to be cleaned for the inspection, so I was over the top with trying to make our house extra clean!

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