Our Life This Week With Our Family

Its been so full on lately…so much so that I was trying to work out what we have been doing all week, and I can’t even remember what we did on Monday?

Is that bad…not being able to remember what we have being doing every day this week? Our life in days, lets see if I can do this.

Lets see if I can remember what we have been doing so I can share Our Life This Week With Our Family!

What We Have Been Doing

This week has seem to gone by far too quickly – we have spent a lot of time sitting in the car. So I think that each day has blended into the other. It’s the last week for our older son before he returns to the navy, so we have been trying to spend as much time together.

Its funny but he has had four weeks to actually try to get his driving licence hours increased, yet its only been the last four days that he has used our car as much as possible.

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The Beginning of a New Life

He made it! That is (for those that are new to here) our oldest son has made it into the Navy. He was sworn in with an official ceremony today at 10.00 am. He is now in the navy and has 11 weeks of training ahead of him. The Beginning of a New Life is about to start for our son, and we are so proud!

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