Yandina Markets

Maybe you are aware (or about to find out!) we love going to Markets on the Weekends…if we could travel Australia, looking at Markets along the way then we would be so happy! So far we have been to Bundaberg Markets (gee they are huge!) but I forgot to take photos that day! Also we have been to Peregian Beach Markets, actually we have been there twice!

Why Do We Love Markets?

We love the feel of searching among treasures at each Markets. Peregian Beach Markets are so good because they are on the beach front, they have a variety of clothes stores and so much gorgeous things to look at. I reckon that they are our all time favorite Markets (so far!)

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Peregian Beach Markets

A few weekends ago we went to the Peregian Beach Markets,  many of you might have already guessed….we love the Markets and try to find the local ones where ever we are! So far we have been to the Sunshine Coast Growers Markets, Yandina Markets and now the Peregian Beach Markets.

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