World Toilet Day

Today its a Special Day….did you know there is a “World Toilet Day“? Nope I didn’t realise either until now….

You see living in a 10 Foot Motorhome with three of our five boys we don’t have a Toilet as such, we have tried a Porta Loo once, and it was so very smelly – like really bad smelly. That bad that I wrote about it, read our previous experience “Portable Toilet Cleaner, What Is That Smell“.

As you walked into our Motorhome you could smell it before even opening up the Shower Door. So David has been trying to work out how to add a proper Toilet to our shower but the limited space has made it impossible.

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Portable Toilet Cleaner What Is That Smell

In our Motorhome we have a shower but no toilet. Which is ok but we really do need something! Considering we have brought every thing for our bus on eBay that is where we headed to sort our Toilet situation!

What Is That Smell?

David looked and brought a Porta Toilet on eBay (brand new at less than what you pay for them in the shops!). It was a reasonable price, and we thought we could put it in the shower and have a toilet for our boys. But only use it for peeing in! No poop allowed while living in a motorhome as we didn’t want the smell. Then we had to look around at all the Portable Toilet Cleaner products that didn’t have nasty chemicals.

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