Any Question Answered

Any Question AnsweredThe other day I was wondering what I could write about! Yes I was a lost for a blog post! Hard to imagine when normally I can write about anything and everything. But I have covered so much lately here at New Life on the Road, so much so that I was wondering what you all wanted to know! I jumped onto facebook and asked if there was Any Question that you all wanted Answered.

Any Question Answered Here!

After putting out there the idea that you could have Any Question Answered I was surprised with what people wanted to know. Maybe I should ask more often, and that way I could get more ideas on what to write about!  A few of the questions that were asked have already been answered in the following vlog so I thought instead of me answering them again I would share the vlog here!

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Questions And Answers

On our facebook fan page I asked the question “if you could ask me any questions about our Bus, Moving on the Road, Traveling with kids…etc what question would like me to answer???” I was blown away by the quality and quantity of questions that we received. So a huge thank you sent to Troy, Lynette, Julie, Sharon and Lina for asking Questions so I could give you the Answers

Questions and Answers VLOG

Here is the Questions and Answers in our latest vlog on youtube.

Thanks for all of our fans/friends/family for keeping in touch with our family. We are so close to being on the road! I have such itchy feet and can only imagine the wonderful places that we are going to be seeing, and the amazing people we are going to be connecting with. If I could ask a huge favour – could you all jump over to our YouTube Channel and hit the “Thumbs” up on our videos, and/or leave a comment I would be so grateful. It would help with getting our YouTube channel out there and more families could find us!

If I did not answer any of your Questions in our Questions and Answer Vlog – could you let me know by leaving them below? I will happily answer any of your questions regards travelling, homeschooling, renovating, Motorhomes, raising boys, internet marketing, blogging – anythning that relates to New Life on the Road 🙂


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