Saying Goodbye To Family

Today we had to say Goodbye. And I am not good at Saying Goodbye to Family – I cry. Every. Single. Time.  I promise myself not to cry and within minutes of the hugs with the boys I start crying. Wished I wasn’t such a baby!

I am not sure why I thought we had more time with them – the days just flew bye far too fast. And I didn’t even get to give any of them massages because I kept thinking we had another day with them.

Last night we celebrated Nicholas 17th Birthday party earlier then his actual day – Still can’t believe he turned 17 already. I put the candles on his Lemon Meringue Pie last night, and almost stopped at 15 candles but then had to think about how old he was turning!

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Turn Back Time

Looking back through photos our Christmas 2014 and found some pictures. Oh I so wished I could Turn Back Time, to when they were little, to when they were all home and it was Crazy, Loud, Nuts, Busy, but oh so much fun. Oh how I wished all five of our boys could be home for Xmas every year but I know that its not ever going to happen again. When they are in the forces life is not there’s and they have to be out at sea.

So if you have little ones, hold them closer, give them kisses and lots of love cause you will blink and they will be gone before you know it.

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Letting Go Of Your Children

This is a blog post that is straight from the heart. Its a subject that is very new to me, and one that is too so testing my skills on how to be a parent, on how to be a Mum without over stepping the boundaries.

I am trying so hard to stay focused on the outcome, and to follow my gut instinct but at the same time I want to wrap my boys up in my arms and never let them go. So when is the best time for Letting Go Of Your Children, and when is it the best time to keep them where we know its safe?

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