Before and After Renovations

Our Bed Before RenovationsI am so amazed when I look at Rose and see how much David has managed to change, build, fix or even add. I actually came across a vlog today that I did not even know that existed. David made this vlog Before he started the renovations – actually it was just after we brought Rose that he decided to make a “Before and After Renovations” vlog 🙂


Before and After Renovations

Here is a very short vlog of Before Renovations.

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See My House

See My House

For the last six months David has been working on our Motorhome full time. Before that he worked on the bus while also looking after the boys, cleaning the house and cooking our meals while I worked night shift as a Nurse. In February we moved from Glasshouse Mountains to the Bundaberg area to work on the bus full time, if you were in the area you could pop in and See My House.

See My House

See My House With Our FridgeSince we got here David has been working on the Bus nearly 12-14 hours every day. He has had a few days off where he has taken the boys fishing, or has had to go to town for supplies or even had the odd day off to visit great facebook friends! There is a lot to work on – and the bus looks nothing like when we first brought her. I will have to try and do a “Before” and “After” pictures so that you can see how different the bus does look. If you were living close by you could pop in to See My House, so instead of taking you on a live tour I thought I would do a vlog instead.

See My House from the way I can see it!

Our Home On Wheels

I am very excited about the work that David has done on Rose. He has worked super hard to turn our Motorhome into a bus that is a home on wheels. Our son Zachery said last night “Mum, the bus is looking good. It now looks like a home” and he is right! This is our new house, and I am very proud of the work David has done.

Here is a short list of the work David has completed so that you can see my house through my eyes

  • new windows
  • new front door (gosh it was sad saying goodbye to the old door)
  • new curtains
  • new lounge chairs
  • new lounge cushion covers
  • new flooring
  • new overhead cupboard doors
  • new cupboards where the oven used to be
  • new kitchen benches
  • new stove top installed
  • new sink installed
  • new queens size bed base – David raised it so that the washing machine will fit in the boot
  • new wardrobe next to the queen size bed
  • new overhead cupboards above the main bed
  • New window seals for the back window
  • more cupboards added to the front of the bus
  • “sign” at the front of the bus discovered – he discovered that we could add a sticker to the front of the bus where the bus used to display where it was going!
  • Also discovered that it was an old school bus because we found a sign that said “Jo’s – Don’t Eat In Bus”
  • See My House Safe TravellingThe best discovery that we have come across as yet is the “Saint Christopher” – Catholic Patron Saint of Travel Safety

See My House

If we are ever your way, on our travels, we will be sure to let you know so that you can See My House – I sure am super proud of how she is looking. We still have a list just as long of what needs to be finished in the bus (from the outside, to even under neath) but it sure does feel good to be sleeping in the bus! I think that this is the best home we have owned since we started our life together. We have moved a lot of times, into a lot of different homes but now we have our house on wheels so that when ever we feel like moving house we can!



Rose The Lifestyle Challenge Bus Quick Update

As we are madly getting ready to take our life on the road in Rose The Lifestyle Challenge Bus I thought I would do a quick update. Covering everything that David is doing/has done and how the Motorhome is looking with David trying to get it all completed before we hit the road!

Rose The Lifestyle Challenge Bus – Quick Update

To get Rose on the road David is working very late at night, and up early each morning working on fixing up the Motorhome so we can leave to travel around Australia. After posting about our quick update video about what we are packing/selling off/taking with us – I thought a quick update video of the inside of Rose The Lifestyle Challenge Bus was needed! So here is the latest news…. Read more

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