Saying Goodbye

Two days ago we got the news that our second son was flying back from Perth To Sydney. To join a Ship. Leaving today, no idea for how long, no idea where and no idea when he will get back. Saying Goodbye is never ever easy for anyone, its harder when you don’t know any details or know when he will be back.

We had one hour will him last night. One hour to sit down next to him in a Pub, have a meal, few non-alcoholic drinks, lots of hugs and lots of laughter.

It was the best One Hour of our life!!!

Besides the day you were born of course.

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When Will It Get Any Easier

When Will It Get Any Easier

I thought that I would be ok. But I am not….I am never going to get used to saying Goodbye. I don’t care what any one tells me…this is hard. It hurts and I hate it! When Will It Get Any Easier?

When Does Saying Goodbye Get Easier?

So we have said goodbye a few times to our older son. But it still feels like yesterday that he was here, and still living with us. Yesterday was a hard day for me. Not for any reason – I just felt like I was really missing something. Anything. Then I would look at my photos that I have next to my bed and I would start to remember when it was taken.

The Photo is of my five boys together.  Hayden is on the left side, then Nic is holding Kyle, Cameron is sitting next to Zachery – Zach is cuddlying Cameron. They are all sittting together close. It was about 5 1/2 years ago so they are all very small in the photo. Its my favorite of my boys – something that I treasure.

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