Shipping Container House At The Hummock

Do you know we have never ever been to The Hummock Lookout all those years we used to come up here for holidays! Now we are trying to explore and see as much of Bundaberg as Possible before the next chapter of our life {still have no idea when that beings!!!}

When I saw a online article about a Shipping Container House At The Hummock I was keen to have a look at it. We have been to the Eat Streets Market because its all made out of Shipping Containers, and we also have our own Shipping Container {with David’s Tools in it} so Shipping Containers appeal to our family.

And we drove up to the house as it started to rain….

The owner was outside, doing some landscape work. I politely asked him if I could take some Pictures of his unique beautiful house. He was fine with that, and then before we knew it both David and I was shown inside of the Shipping Container house. He was super friendly.

Oh wow what a Stunning Home…Its Five Shipping Containers from Brisbane, and its big enough for his Motorhome to fit in underneath it.

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