Missing In Action

Hey all, how are you all doing? Not sure if you are all up to date with what is going on, but I am in Sydney for at least five weeks to finish off my massage course. I have 2 lots of four days to complete my extra 70 hours.

Why so long in Sydney? Well I am trying to find a way to connect with a company for two weeks of donating my massage time in exchange for learning their skills that they teach to work with horses!!! You all know how much I love helping others, and how much I love horses so its a win/win situation.

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Vivid Sydney Circular Quay

The other day Cameron, Kyle and I went into Vivid Sydney. It was that good that I wanted to go back with David {and our other boys}. So on Saturday night we drove in most of the way, parked the car and caught a train for the rest of the trip. We knew that there wouldn’t be anywhere in Sydney itself to park, and luckily for us because I am sure EVERYONE in the whole of Australia was there!!!

Vivid Sydney Circular Quay.

We got off at Town Hall {like last time} and walked to Darling Harbour.  We tried to see the FireWorks but there wasn’t a good spot to see it – David had to lift up Cameron and Kyle onto his Shoulders so they could see above the crowds. I took photos with my camera as high in the air as possible….and some of them turned out sorta OK.

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