The Pros and Cons of Living In A Motorhome

The Pros and Cons of Living In A Motorhome

Did you know that our Motorhome is perfect for our family! Well it would be if it had one more set of Bunk Beds, and a spa bath, and a bedroom door, and more water tanks! Gee the list could go on….

The Pros and Cons of Living in A Motorhome

I love that we don’t have our big old Queenslander anymore – it took up so much time trying to keep it clean, and it always needed so much work added to it!  We spent over $30,000 on renovating it, and it could have easily taken another $30,000 – plus a lot of hard work…sweat, tears, fights, and more to get the renovations finished!

David is really good at doing renovations and is really with ideas but not so good with time/money!

If we had the time we never had the money. If we had the money we never had the time 🙂

Yes I did buy a Motorhome from eBay and then had to tell hubby afterwards. But someone had to take the plunge in our family – David talked about travelling for so long, and I am a person who jumps in with both feet and then think about things afterwards. Sometimes that works other times I should have thought ahead a bit more!

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