Baby Trek Atlas Cool Stuff Has Arrived Down Under!

Super Excited!! We had ordered Baby Trek Atlas cool stuff the other day, and because it was coming from Hawaii I thought it would take a few weeks! Yet it all arrived Down Under yesterday.

Hubby picked it up from the Post Office on his way to work so I had to wait to this morning to be able to open up the parcel! As soon as I did my boys were all over the Tattoos and the Arm Bands! Cant wait to read the Book that Baby Trek Daddy’s wrote in memory.

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Bus Or Rust Bucket?

The morning after  my first taste of life on the road ended we returned to our new motorhome to have a really good look at what we had bought. Had we bought a bus or rust bucket?

Discovering What We Have Bought

What had we bought? All that we new about our new motorhome was what the EBay listing and the vendor had told me as well as what I had discovered on the journey home.

After reading all the records dating back to 2002 that came with the bus and a lot of research on the web, I discovered that we had bought a 1970 model Bedford Comair VAM 70 bus with the original Bedford 466 motor and four speed gearbox still installed. It had gone through a professional bus conversion to a motorhome some time before 2002 by persons unknown. Read more

First Taste Of Life On The Road. Part 3

Life on the road was looking good. We had achieved my goal of being north of Sydney before the morning rush and our new motorhome was running well despite it being forty years old.

Homeward Bound

I wasn’t sure about Geoff but I was starting to feel the effects of the days activities and 4am start. It was now approaching 11pm and the coffee at the last stop was not doing much to keep me awake. The decision to find somewhere to park and get a bit of sleep was an easy one though. The bus made it for us.

We had been traveling up the Sydney-Newcastle Freeway for approximately half an hour when the rain started up again. When Geoff turned on the windscreen wipers there was a flash and the fuse had blown again. Luckily I had bought extras. We went through two more before we found a rest area to pull into at the Ourimbah exit. It is a large rest area with plenty of room so it was easy to find a place to park. Definitley a place to remember when we are touring Australia. As soon as the engine was off we had the sleeping bags out on the lounges and were asleep in minutes. I was beginning to realise how good life on the road was going to be when finding somewhere to sleep was as simple as finding somewhere to park when you are driving a motorhome. Read more

First Taste Of Life On The Road. Part 2

My first taste of life on the road was providing me with a good understanding of our new motorhomes capabilities and shortcomings. We were about to see how well the engine and cooling system stacked up.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

We were at the base of Mount Ousley which is the easiest way up to the top of the Illawarra Escarpment and then on to Sydney. It is the least steep of all the mountain passes and duel carriageway all the way to the top, but it is a 6km long climb and enough to test any cooling system. I moved into the left lane as soon as we reached the foot of the pass and slowed down changing into second gear. It was then just a matter of keeping the bus at a constant speed and wait.

I was impressed. We not only got to the top without any rise in engine temperature or mechanical problems, we did it with ease. Once I had the bus set up at its optimum speed the constant grade allowed us to cruise easily to the top. We even had to overtake some trucks to keep our speed constant.

Where Our Life On The Road Faced Its First Test

Mount Ousley

At this stage we were quiet hungry. we had been on the road for a few hours and had been on the lookout for somewhere to eat but had not found anything along our travels that was open. I had decided to take us around the southern outskirts of Sydney and up the M7 to get us heading north again, so I knew that we would be able to find a place to get a hot meal twenty minutes up the road at Appin. How did I know this? We were on a trip down memory lane as life on the road was taking us straight towards the area that I grew up in. Read more

Welcome To Life On The Road

Our life on the road began on a quiet morning in May with coffee on the patio. 

How Our New Life On The Road Started

My wife Lisa was looking at motor homes on EBay (dreaming of touring Australia in a motor home) when she casually asked me what I thought  a converted bus was worth that’s auction was ending in a couple of hours.

Taking a quick look and as I wandered off to do some reading I replied “$20,000 at the most unless I had it checked by a mechanic”.

Fast forward a couple of hours I was checking my emails when I heard Lisa yelling from the lounge room “I’ve won it, I’ve won it”.

Half worried that Lisa had done something crazy and impulsive as she does every now and again, I went to the lounge room and with some trepidation said “you have won what”? Read more

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