Yarramalong Weir Free Camping Spot

From Ban Ban Springs we stayed over night in Toowoomba. The next day we visited Toowoomba Japanese Gardens and Picnic Point Toowoomba we decided to head to Yarramalong Weir Free Camping Spot for the nights. Its not fair from Toowoomba, and we wanted an easy afternoon of driving, with a chance to set up camp in the daylight.

Luckily we had our dinner cooked in our Thermal Cooker so it was ready that night – mind you we forgot to buy greens for it so we had “Chicken Curry” with only potatoes! It was still very yummy. And it was the very first time we have ever been in bed and asleep by 7.30pm!! Yep we were cold, tired and in bed fast asleep early – I turned off my phone before going to sleep but David forgot to 🙂

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Picnic Point Toowoomba

After we had been driving all day from Bundaberg to Childers {for a petrol stop}, on to Ban Ban Springs for lunch break, to Nanango for a coffee break we were heading to a free camping spot past Toowoomba but our Campervan had other ideas!

David had replaced the Carburetor in the Campervan before we left on our trip. It had been running rough for weeks, and we knew it had to be done. Unfortunately it was still running rough but I had done a trip to Brisbane and back the weekend before with no issues, so we headed off with confidence that our old girl would make it to Sydney and back no issues.

But we were about 30 minutes to Toowoomba when she was sucking in air, and not getting enough fuel {or getting too much at once}. We pulled into a Petrol Station in Toowoomba, thinking a good quality fuel might flush the issue through. But after filling up she crawled the car park area and stopped. RACQ was called – we are Premium members and have been for years, it has saved our butts big time so many times over the years.

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What To Keep When Downsizing

On the weekend we helped two beautiful people with getting as much done as possible because they needed to move out of their house. And I was itching to pack up their “Shed” which was a “homeschool Room” – now a store room but there was only so many hours in one weekend, and only so much two mamas could do! Maybe another time we will get back there and help them out again {we love them so we would help them all any time they asked}

And I was helping them move down as many “Storage Cupboards” as possible to to their new home – Storage is really important when you downsize but it got me to thinking about when we had to downsize our massive 4 bedroom house {it had two lounge rooms and massive verandas} and David {and our boys} are hoarders so we had a lot of stuff to sort through. And had to think about Motorhome Storage Space.

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The Cost Of Living On The Road

Yesterday I was asked to do a Radio Interview for Wave FM Breakfast Show in Wollongong. A phone interview. At first I said No. They contacted us through our Facebook page, and thought our story/journey of buying/living in a motorhome was inspirational.

I answered with the following “Hi Russell,  Thanking you so much for touching base. But we are no longer in Wollongong – we are on the Sunshine Coast. And our motorhome broke down so its being stored in New South Wales while we are waiting on the parts to be fixed! I am not that inspirational at the moment cause we are kinda stuck without our motorhome. We hope to be back in it by June”

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How to Prepare for a Life on the Road

Are you itching to leave the humdrum of everyday life? Are you ready to experience things in new and exciting ways? Have you been longing to pack up all your belongings and just drive? You are certainly not alone. Many people – even entire families – have left behind common jobs and taken to the road to experience life in new ways. Are you ready to take this step? Here are a few ways to help you prepare for your departure.

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Top 5 Family Holidays for Easter

Easter is a perfect time for a holiday; autumn is beginning to take the edge off the summer heat but it’s still beach weather. For some, it’s a four day break. But for those with school children, the Easter holiday often stretches to two weeks. Here are five destinations to consider for your family’s Easter vacation.

1. The Gold Coast and Theme Parks

The Gold Coast is home to numerous theme parks including Dreamworld, Wet ’n Wild, Movieworld and Seaworld. Travel agents and specialty ticket outlets offer package deals to the theme parks so you can get entry to several at discounted prices. Other attractions are the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and Skypoint Observation Deck. There is plenty of accommodation on the Gold Coast, however, because of its popularity, it’s best to book well in advance.

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Travelling Australia Cheaper

When we had to be on the Sunshine Coast by the weekend {was that only last weekend? gosh time flys}, and we had no Motorhome I was freaked out thinking what were we going to do and where we going to stay.

Silly me – I should have realised that the Universe provides when you ask the right questions. Mind you I am not sure what questions I was asking.

Travelling Australia Cheaper is possible when you ring around those in the know. Thanks to David’s Boss we were able to stay in a Caravan Cabin way cheaper then if we booked it, but we could only stay there for a week.

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