Mungo Brush Campground Beach

So we have shared our thoughts about Myall National Park and Mungo Campsites {can’t recommend the smelly toilets but hey the view over looking the lake and the beach access makes up for it!}

Mungo Brush Campground Beach is literally across the road from the campsites. And you won’t believe the paradise you will walk out to when you are finished with waking up, having breakfast and ready to explore. Even the teenagers who don’t like to get out and explore will love the beach!

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Postcard From Bundaberg

We are at Bundaberg for the time being (as many of you are aware!) as we are trying like mad to get Rose The Lifestyle Challenge Bus finished off so that we can continue to travel around Australia.

Today I took the boys to the Botanic Gardens in Bundaberg so that they could run off their excess energy!

Postcard From Bundaberg

There are some really great tourist attractions in Bundaberg and some amazing parks. The boys were keen to feed the ducks today, and walk all over the Botanic Gardens so we spent the morning there.

Here is our postcard from Bundaberg for today!

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Rose The Lifestyle Challenge Bus Quick Update

As we are madly getting ready to take our life on the road in Rose The Lifestyle Challenge Bus I thought I would do a quick update. Covering everything that David is doing/has done and how the Motorhome is looking with David trying to get it all completed before we hit the road!

Rose The Lifestyle Challenge Bus – Quick Update

To get Rose on the road David is working very late at night, and up early each morning working on fixing up the Motorhome so we can leave to travel around Australia. After posting about our quick update video about what we are packing/selling off/taking with us – I thought a quick update video of the inside of Rose The Lifestyle Challenge Bus was needed! So here is the latest news…. Read more

First Taste Of Life On The Road. Part 3

Life on the road was looking good. We had achieved my goal of being north of Sydney before the morning rush and our new motorhome was running well despite it being forty years old.

Homeward Bound

I wasn’t sure about Geoff but I was starting to feel the effects of the days activities and 4am start. It was now approaching 11pm and the coffee at the last stop was not doing much to keep me awake. The decision to find somewhere to park and get a bit of sleep was an easy one though. The bus made it for us.

We had been traveling up the Sydney-Newcastle Freeway for approximately half an hour when the rain started up again. When Geoff turned on the windscreen wipers there was a flash and the fuse had blown again. Luckily I had bought extras. We went through two more before we found a rest area to pull into at the Ourimbah exit. It is a large rest area with plenty of room so it was easy to find a place to park. Definitley a place to remember when we are touring Australia. As soon as the engine was off we had the sleeping bags out on the lounges and were asleep in minutes. I was beginning to realise how good life on the road was going to be when finding somewhere to sleep was as simple as finding somewhere to park when you are driving a motorhome. Read more

First Taste Of Life On The Road. Part 1

Welcome back to New Life On The Road. We were finally ready to depart. All the required insurance and temporary registration had been obtained. We had checked and adjusted the tire pressures, fuel, oil and  radiator coolant. I had also replaced the windscreen wiper rubbers. Nothing could go wrong now. Or could it?

A Taste Of Life On The Road

We departed from the south side of Batemans Bay with Geoff driving. To say I was excited was a bit of an understatement. I was as excited as a dog at a cat show. We were finally on the road, It was one of those warm clear days that you get at the start of winter and we were about to drive up through the South Coast of New South Wales where I had spent many holidays and long weekends in my younger years. Read more

Welcome To Life On The Road

Our life on the road began on a quiet morning in May with coffee on the patio. 

How Our New Life On The Road Started

My wife Lisa was looking at motor homes on EBay (dreaming of touring Australia in a motor home) when she casually asked me what I thought  a converted bus was worth that’s auction was ending in a couple of hours.

Taking a quick look and as I wandered off to do some reading I replied “$20,000 at the most unless I had it checked by a mechanic”.

Fast forward a couple of hours I was checking my emails when I heard Lisa yelling from the lounge room “I’ve won it, I’ve won it”.

Half worried that Lisa had done something crazy and impulsive as she does every now and again, I went to the lounge room and with some trepidation said “you have won what”? Read more

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