Bundaberg to Ban Ban Springs

We left Bundaberg on Monday morning – at half past {family joke} – and headed to Childers where we filed up with petrol. Then drove on through to Ban Ban Springs for Lunch. We didn’t have a set plan, but did know that we were hoping to look for a free camping night.

But we are very flexible with our plans, which is good because when you travel around Australia anything can happen.

Bundaberg to Ban Ban Springs ::

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Road Side Assistance Its A Must

Road Side Assistance Its A Must

Disclosure: this is a paid post for RACV sponsored by Nuffnang– The following crazy road trips stories are from all of our road trips over the years!

There is one town we wished we could bye-pass every single time but yet we must travel through it from Sunshine Coast heading up north.

Gympie The Town We Always Break Down In ::

It Started 20 Years Ago….

David and I moved with our oldest son {who was about 11 months old} from New South Wales to North Queensland. We were also pregnant with our second child at the time, and gee was the morning sickness bad – it was all day sickness. When we stopped at Gympie it wasn’t cause we wanted to, it was cause our old Blue Station Wagon Car was in need of repairs.

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Our Best Aussie Moments

Today I want to share Our Best Aussie Moments, in photos and joining in on the Fun over at Adventure Tours.  Do you know how many photos we have taken over our New Life on the Road lifestyle? OVER 2,000 photos!! And that’s only in the last two years. I have many more on my computer but that crashed before I could save the pictures.

Our Best Aussie Moments ::

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Noosa Beach

If you know our family well, you will know that we head to the Beach whenever where ever we can!! And we LOVE the water, it has a calming affect on all of us. Plus its a great way to see Australia – imagine that….driving from Beach to Beach all the way around the Great OZ? That would be the most ideal way to travel/live.

While we stayed at Pomona Showgrounds we had an evening at Noosa Beach. One Friday David knocked off from work early and we decided that it was a perfect way to relax/plus a perfect place to eat Hot Chips for dinner.

Here Is Noosa Beach in a Short Video ::


Nic Walking Towards Us To Tell Us David Got Dinner

Nic Walking Towards Us To Tell Us David Got Dinner

Have you Been To Noosa Beach in Queensland?

Thanking you for following our Journey.



Making Money While Travelling

Today is Monday! And normally I host our regular Blog Post “Featured Travel Blogger” ~  yet I am taking a break. You see I am waiting on a few bloggers to get back to me, and with my crazy lifestyle (painting a old Motorhome, gardening, homeschooling and more~) I havent had time to chase anyone and ask them what is the hold up!

After speaking with my hubby over the phone (love you Dave!) I was wondering what I could do….he suggested writing about “Ways to Make Money While Travelling”!

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Travel Is A Journey And Not A Destination :: Guest Blog Post

I have been following Tara from Freedom Family for some time. Even have looked at one of her products for a review a while back….yet I wanted to know a bit more about her and who she is. So I thought I would ask if she would be a guest blogger for New Life on the Road.

Tara kindly agreed! And I am excited to share more about their journey to living a Free Life :: Travel Is A Journey And Not A Destination…..

Travel Is A Journey And Not A Destination ::

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Over The Last Few Weeks

Over The Last Few Weeks

There has been so much going on, but yet not that much! Does that even make sense? Probably not but then again when have I ever made sense of things! Over the Last Few Weeks I feel like we haven’t had a minute to ourselves. Nor time to think about the direction of our life.

The Last Few Weeks

Since we got back from Melbourne we have been full on – full steam ahead with so many outings that it feels like its all rolled into one. We had such little time in Melbourne with our older son, and enjoyed every minute of it. Then we had our amazing trip to Dreamworld and White Water World. Gosh if we lived close by we so would be buying seasonal passes!

Then I was able to meet up with Apollo Motorhomes and have a wonderful tour of their factory. That was so cool – as we got to check out there Motorhomes and see how spacious they are on the inside.

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A Day In The Life of New Life on the Road

A Day In The Life of New Life on the Road

Thought I would share what our days are like! We wake up slowly around 9.00am and have a morning coffee. David makes the best plunger coffee in the world.

New Life on the Road Typical Day

Then we decide what we want to do for the day – should we go to the beach, or to the shops, or to the movies, or to the pool for a swim? Maybe do all of the above?

As soon as everyone has eaten, made their beds and are dressed they are allowed to go out of the bus! Our boys wake up so hungry and if they don’t eat straight away then they start to feel sick…not sure what thats all about but they have all been like that since they were little. Even David is the same!

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What A Week We Have Had Online

This week I have been tested for sure! But its be in a good way. At first we lost New Life on the Road for two whole days. Everyone was amazing with how much support that they were giving us, and offering heaps of hints n tips on what to do to get if fixed!

Thanking David Moloney from Small Business Planned who suggested to David that it was a plug-in issue!

What A Week We Have Had Online

Yes. David Moloney. Was. Right! It was a Plug-in Issue.

So hubby Dave took every Plug-in away and one by one added them back in. As soon as we added the sharing plug-in “Digg Digg” it cause havoc once again with our blog. So for now we have no sharing buttons – no twitter buttons, no digg buttons, no Stumble Upon buttons, no Facebook like buttons.

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Best Places To Live In The World

There are so many places in the World to see, and only so much time. I reckon that if you were given three lifetimes you still could not see it all!

Instead I have asked other amazing travellers to share their photos so that everyone can share the Best Places To Live In The World.

This is going to be the first of many gorgeous blog posts with photos from Australia, America, Italy, France…the world!

Every Monday New Life on the Road is going to share photos from all over this amazing world, show casing Best Places To Live In The World. That way you wont have to miss out on any place or country!

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