6 Things To Consider Packing For A Long-Term Trip

Are you planning a long-term trip in the future, but you can’t decide what you will need? Whether you are taking a two-year sightseeing tour around Europe, a six-month road trip across America or a four-week backpacking stint in Southeast Asia,  or even travelling Australia in a Motorhome/Campervan consider these six pointers when packing for an extended holiday.

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New Beginnings

With my love of reading blogs, and following others on their journeys through life and travel, I discovered Dorothy from Singular Insanity. Was also very lucky to met Dorothy in Melbourne at the Digital Conference a little while ago!

Today I am proud to be sharing her guest blog post New Beginnings ::

Looking back on my 44 years, I realise that I am the Queen of New Beginnings.

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Does Travelling Homeschooling And Night Shift Work

Does Travelling Homeschooling And Night Shift Work

We are trying so hard to get used to our new lifestyle! David is Working night-shift while we are trying to see the sights of Mackay and still trying to do homeschooling! Does Travelling, Homeschooling and Night shift work hand in hand together?

New Life Style While Trying To Travel

We are only going into week two of Dave doing night-shift, travelling and homeschooling all in one. Then there is housework, cooking meals, trying to blog (which I am still trying to catch up on!)….so far I have snapped once during the week! It was the other day – I was trying to get the washing up to date (which I can’t do while Dave is asleep because the washing machine is in our boot of the bus – under our bed!), make lunches, clean the bus up and think about dinner.

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Anyone Can Travel Cant They

Anyone Can Travel Cant They

It’s a question that I have come across many times, in many different situations. From many people – younger and older than us. Asking us “How Can You Travel?”

Anyone Can Travel If They Want To

Anyone can travel, can’t they? You have no idea how many times people have said to us “if only we were doing what you are doing” or “I wish I had travelled when I was younger and able to”

There are many choices in life to be made and many different ways of living. It’s a matter of deciding which way you want to live!

But it all comes down to one thing – or one feeling. It’s the feeling of “Dreaming”. Once you have a dream and you start to tell everyone what you want from your life then your dream will become your reality. Make it happen, make it real.

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The Count Down To Melbourne Is On

The Count Down To Melbourne Is On

Today I woke up to more rain….grrrr where is it coming from? Surely there is nothing left to keep on sending our way! Then I realised it was Friday. That means there is only five more days before I fly to Melbourne.

The Big Count Down Is On

I have to admit that I am super excited as I love Melbourne. There is so much to do there, so many wonderful places to eat at and so much culture to take in and admire.

 While I am down there I was hoping to have dinner with my older son But he is not allowed off Base during the week 🙁 How weird is that – allowed to join the navy, allowed to defend our country but can’t have dinner with his Mum during the week!

Oh well maybe he will get to come home for his 18th Birthday in June, or I could fly to him (yeah I like the sound of that!!)

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Travel Blogger

Travel Blogger

For the last two months we have featured photos from all over the world. Some amazing travel bloggers came forward and shared their photos – even travellers were so kind to leave photos on our facebook page to be shared here at New Life on the Road!

Travel Blogger Featured

Instead of photos we are now sharing a different Travel Blogger every Monday. Where you can read a bit of what they are doing, where they are travelling and why they decided to live a different life.

For our first Travel Blogger Featured here today we have Jess from “With 2 Kids in Tow – Its backpacking we Go”

Travel Blogger

Q:- When did you decide that travelling was important to your family?

My husband and I had backpacked quite extensively, both before we were ‘together’ and after.  Between us, we’ve been to 35 countries.  We love exploring new cultures.  After we got married, and ‘settled down’, we had always hoped to be able to do it again once we had children and when they were old enough (ie out of nappies and walking)

Q:- Did you sell everything and decide to travel, or did you store everything  (somethings) for when you return home?

We had only ever intended to travel for 1yr, so we decided to get rid of what we didn’t want/need and to store the rest and to rent the house out.  We were lucky enough to be able to store our things in a couple of rooms in the house, locked and out of the way of the tenants.  We kept the car (but took the registration and insurance off), but we had to find a new home for our dog.

Travel Blogger

Q:- How many of you travelling in your family?

We are a family of four:  mom, dad and the children who were aged 3.5yrs and 5yrs when we began our trip

Q:- What was the one inspiration that helped you to decide to travel? (or wasthere more than one?)

We like the more ‘simple lifestyle’ that traveling in developing countries can bring.  Somehow when you are are home, it’s such a struggle to be able to ‘live simply’–it’s too easy to get caught up in the ‘wants’ vs ‘needs’. We also wanted to expose our children to a lifestyle free from material ‘wants’ as well as to broaded their points of view.  At the end of the day, it turned out that we had the perfect timing as my husband had just finished a 4yr apprenticeship, our eldest child was just about to start school and the renovations were mostly done on our house, so it was a good time to go.

Featured Travel Blogger

Q:- Do you have a plan for your travels, or do you play it day by day?

We have a loose itinerary so that we can ensure that we can have enough time for our desired destinations and enough destinations for our desired time.  A loose itinerary also ensures that we are using our travel time and money wisely.  Good planning ensures that we don’t have to ‘back-track’ which wastes both time and money. From that, we play it day by day.  We’ve always traveled this way, and found that with the children, it also worked best to be able to be flexible.  Long term travel allows you to achieve this

Q:- Do you and your family have a bucket list?

No, we don’t have a ‘bucket list’ per se, but we do have some places that we’d like to visit more so than others

Q:- More Information about Jess and Family:-

We’re a Canadian/Australian family who backpacked on a budget for 12 months around SEA, including India, Sri Lanka and the Philippines, with our 2 pre-schoolers in tow.  We visited 10 countries via 18 plane trips and countless buses, trains and even a few boats.  We had 2 main backpacks and just a day bag each. 

Travel Blogger

How Amazing is this one ~

Travelling on one bike with all four of them…Love it!

Our blog chronicles our journey from the point of view firstly of independent budget traveling and secondly of a family on more than just a holiday.  Lots of practical information from places to stay to sights to see to things to do with young kids.  And of course, lots of information on our costs too. 

Featured Blogger

Imagine the education this family is having?

Jess is the blogger/photographer/planner/mom/wife of the group.  Jim is the muscle/negotiator/adventurer.  Maddy and Yasmine are the world-traveling, back-pack-toting and surprisingly versatile offspring, who were 3yrs and 5yrs respectively at the start of the trip.


Thanking Jess for being the First Travel Blogger Featured at New Life on the Road. If you have any more questions about their plans for travel or their amazing lifestyle please connect with Jess at With 2 Kids in Tow.

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Come Fly With Me Travel To Another World

Come Fly With Me Travel To Another World

Today is Monday! Happy Monday all – its that time of the week, where we share photos from other bloggers and travellers. Yet this Monday we are not going to be sharing only a set amount of photos. We are doing something different.

Come Fly With Me

Travel To Another World….

Today we are doing our last sharing of Photos! Next week we have something different that we are going to be doing every Monday.

Are you ready to travel to another world?

 Here are all of those photos that have been shared….

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Getting So Excited Yet So Scared Is That Possible

Getting So Excited Yet So Scared Is That Possible

Its now the biggest count down of history! Well in our Motorhome it is. Almost like we are waiting for one of our boys to be born. Did you know that all of our boys were over due – by at least two weeks. One of them came three weeks too late. But thats another story in its own right.

Getting So Excited Yet So Scared:- Is That Possible?

We are so super excited.

As we are getting ready to fly down to Melbourne. We have three boys bags already packed, as well as my bag packed. That is two more bags to go….David has to do his own bag so that he knows what he does and doesnt have. Nicholas wont let me pack his bag….and yet he wont pack it himself – I guess he will pack it when he realises that if he doesnt then he has nothing to wear!

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What Can I Do For You

Lately I have been trying to find my blogging voice! Trying to work out what New Life on the Road is all about 🙂 That has led to a lot of self discovery and a lot of questions….one of them is What Can I Do For You?

Where Are We Going Wrong?

It’s not that we are going wrong – its more about what can we do right by you? What Can I Do For You that will make a difference?

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