All Because Of You

We would love to thank you all – All Because of You we are experiencing more of Australia then we thought possible! And we are so very grateful for our New Life on the Road community.

This is going to be short and sweet cause I am actually down here in Eden for the Whale Festival I want to be able to explore the area so that I can get lots of photos and lots of memories stored up for Cameron and Kyle to hopefully one day read here!

{We have updated a Blog Post from the Eden Whale Festival <——– Check it out by clicking on the hi-lighted words}

This is my very first camping trip with my two boys and just I…..something I have been craving for sometime, a road trip with only me to worry about! Funny how the universe listens to what you ask for ~ be very careful of your words is all I can say!!!

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Meroo National Park Free Camping

On Friday night we drove from Wollongong down to Lake Tabourie – stopping along the way to grab dinner from Ulladulla Pizza – If you are ever down that way and you want a yummy pizza then try “Tony’s Pizza”….very yummy even if there Margarita Pizza was a bit too pricey! But then again they had so many toppings on Kyle “Meat Lovers” Pizza that it made up for it!

We arrived so late to Meroo National Park Free Camping spot so we couldn’t find anywhere to set up at the “Termeil Camping Spot” – we ended up parking the Campervan in “Sunburnt Camping Area” which is walking in camping only….and I so was NOT setting up tents in the dark and then sleeping in the car without being near our boys.

Cameron and Kyle came up with the idea of sleeping in the front of the Campervan while David and I slept in the back…we tried to swap but they wouldn’t let us 🙂

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