Skwirk Review And Giveaway

Seen as how we are homeschooling two of our five sons we were thrilled to be asked to Review Skwirk Online Education {and Give you a chance to win a membership!!}

We have used Skwirk before with Zachery, Nicholas, Cameron and Kyle….a few years back. You can read about that experience within our”Skwirk Review” post.

Now we are more “Natural Learners” or “Unschoolers” I like to let Cameron and Kyle learn by what they are interested in – what they are passionate about…..┬áthat way they are actually learning instead of being forced feed information that they can’t remember.

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Benefits of Homeschooling

The other day I posted about my thoughts on homeschooling. We are settling in to our new routine – sending three of our boys back to school.

Yet I still feel strongly that our boys would learn easily from home as they would from School. I believe that our children learn more from wanting to learn, instead of forcing them to learn. I asked a few other Travelling Families to share their own thoughts about Benefits of Homeschooling (and what/how they to teach their children)

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What Have I Done

Today was the day. Our boys woke up before the crack of dawn, beds were made, brekky was gone, they were dressed and ready to go. Yet it wasnt even 7.30 in the morning! They were smiling from ear to ear, and they even had their teeth brushed.

I guess you could say they were super keen and super excited. They have been asking to go to school since I can’t remember when….its been weeks of “When Are We Going To Enrol In School” nearly every day since we got to the Mackay area.

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