New Life On The Road Free Competition

Welcome to the very first New Life On The Road Free Competition. This is Lisa here – David’s wife and my very first blog post for this website so I am super excited 🙂

Free Competition

Yesterday we were asked what our Nick Name was for our bus. I was a bit surprised by the question as I had not thought of one. It got me to thinking – I could easily come up with a name or David could but it would probably be very boring. So this competition is born. I was thinking about a way to get you to help with naming our bus and this video explains all….


New Life On The Road Competition Rules and Conditions.

  1. Blog about any topic on your website that will relate back to New Life On The Road. If you do not have a blog post set up yet then it is time to start. Use this free blog hosting site by clicking here.
  2. Include one link in your blog/website back to our website.
  3. Remember to think of a groovy bus name and include your choice in your blog post.
  4. Jump over to here to join the face book fan page or if you have already hit the “Like” button then say hello.
  5. Once you have your blog post live and ready for traffic then leave a comment on New Life on the road face book fan page
  6. Include your link back to your blog with your comment on the fan page
  7. I will then check out your site, read your post, write down your details onto my trusty paper and have your suggestion for our bus name next to your website details – waiting and ready for voting time.
  8. Once I have read your blog/website I will leave a comment and then will use handy SEO techniques to promote your site.
  9. There will be a page set up for this competition that will include all of your details. Check the page towards the end of the next week to see if you are there.
  10. If you do not see your details then jump back into the Face book fan page and let me know.
  11. Once the competition is closed I will let you all know.
  12. Then we will vote and one lucky person gets to nick name our bus.
  13. I will give you a free phone call to say congratulation to the winner and I will also use this and another different website to blog about your website – giving you more free traffic.

This is a competition that will give you traffic, give you a chance to explode your image and to also give our bus its Nick Name for the next year of traveling – so have fun, give us some really wonderful names to choose from and looking forward to seeing you shine 🙂


Lisa Wood

PS:- If you do have any questions and I have not made sense with the above instructions then jump onto the Face Book Fan Page for New Life On The Road and I will answer them.

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