The Swallowed Anchor

While I was down in Sydney {for my Diploma of Remedial Massage} I kept harassing my oldest son to take us down to The Swallowed Anchor for either Lunch or Dinner time, just so I could cross it off our bucket list! And also to support another cafe down in Wollongong.

And I am so glad I kept at him until he took us, he didn’t tell us we were going, it was a surprise! Considering it was my birthday while I was down there, and his Birthday, we could call it a late combined birthday celebration, but really it was just a great place to relax and to eat at!

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Nan Tien Temple Wollongong

Yeah I am still posting from when we visited places in Wollongong NSW even though we are now in Queensland! But I haven’t got the best internet connection here, a lot has happened and I still have so many amazing places that I want to share before I start sharing our trips from another state.

Did you know that connection here is that bad that it takes soooo long to upload anything, so long for facebook to work and so long for my emails to open up. So I haven’t even been online much cause I would rather spend time in the pool with my boys, or reading a good book.

Oh and I have pulled some serious tummy muscles lifting up boxes in our Shipping Container, so very sore – its feels like I have ripped tissue on the left of my body – in the inside. Not been this sore ever so I am taking it easy today.

But I thought I must share our trip to Nan Tien Temple Wollongong before I share our Macadamia Castle Trip……and I loved re-looking at all the photos from our visit.

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Save Our Saltmarsh

When we had to stay parked at David’s Work because we had broken down wanted a change of scenery,  Cameron, Kyle and I would go off exploring the Oak Flats {Wollongong New South Wales} surrounding area as much as possible, as well as exploring more of Sydney {that’s when we were staying with our oldest son}!….only because we couldn’t have Kyle playing outside in the industrial area because so many big trucks would come flying down the street!

On one of our walks we found a “Walk way”and a information board that explained what the area was all about. Guess you could say that I am homeschooling myself alone with our two boys!

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Best Kept Secret – Wollongong City

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 Best Kept Secret – Wollongong City

There are many places in Australia that could be called “Best Kept Secret” yet I am not able to talk about them all!!! There would be far too many because we are such a vast and varied country. For the moment this is our New Backyard!

But I still think that Wollongong City is the Best Kept Secret, where too few people stay for longer periods of time to explore all there is.

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I have too much to write about and share but I keep looking at all of the gorgeous Sunset Photos I have been taking, and dreaming of more Sunsets to come while we stay in the Wollongong area.

Here’s the thing – I have such little time at the moment, and too much I want to do. So from now on every Sunday I am going to share a few of my all time favorite photos! I am loving my new camera, and the two different lenses that I have been playing with….

When we got to Wollongong we stayed at Windang Beach – right on the beach, in the carpark. Until we could find somewhere to stay. We even woke up to Bootcamp in the morning…it was weird listening to the guy instructing his participates what to do while we were all still in bed!

At night Kyle and I stood on the beach and watched the Sun go down ::

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