Went For A Walk And Got Lost

The sun was out today and I was keen to explore the area of where we are parked up! We went down a “No Through Road” and found a foot path, with a bridge and then kept walking and walking…..through long grasses, over creek beds, through mud, over dead trees, along path ways others have taken, along patches of grass that no one had stepped on before, trying to jump over water {yeah I slipped and got more muddy then if I had walked through it}

Basically we Went For A Walk And Got Lost!

Found Ponies…

Another Great Spot for Kyle to return to for fishing….

Stumbled upon a Teenagers Cubby Spot {Or teenagers Retreat} who let us know that we were heading in the right direction to get back to the Industrial Area.

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Our Favorite Place Ever

We love the beach! Its our one place that we all go to for fun, relaxation and for our youngest two a place to run off some energy! With our week of not going anywhere, and a week of trying to shake a cough I decided to head to the beach with the younger two last Thursday. While we were gone from the Motorhome I was able to put on our Ozone Generator to help clear out the bugs, the smell of onion {yep it was so smelly inside!} and to give us some much needed fresh air.

Its too cold for the water at the moment so we sat on the sand, and soaked up for the afternoon.

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Disney On Ice Treasure Trove

You know that following dreams is what I am all about….and what I need to get back on track with! Its been a dream of mine for some time to show our boys a bit of magic, and to share a bit of my favorite Disney Characters with them.

Disney On Ice Treasure Trove ::

When I heard that they were coming to Wollongong Entertainment Centre {WEC} it was perfect timing. Its like we are here in the area for a reason…and those reason keep coming in the form of meeting other liked minded homeschoolers, Birthday Parties and great places to explore.

At first I thought that I would be taking both the boys while David was at work, but actually he let me know that he wanted to go with us because he wanted to see the smiles on his boys faces….and they were smiling big time – from ear to ear especially when “Woody” came out with the “Toy Soldiers” and then when “Peter Pan” made his great entrance.

The show is suitable for all ages – from little kids to bigger kids ~ to even Adults.

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Celtic Woman Wollongong

Last night Nicholas, Nicholas Girlfriend, Cameron, Kyle and I was brave enough to head into Wollongong in Peak Hour Traffic {thankfully its nothing Like Sydney or Melbourne Traffic!!} to meet up with my family to see Celtic Woman at the Wollongong Win Entertainment Centre.


There Is Not Much I Can Say!

There Is One Thing ~ Go And SEE THEM 🙂

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We Are Back And Forth

So very sorry that I have not been here for some time…..I am finding it hard to breath at the moment, and don’t have enough hours in the Day.

Actually I can’t remember what day it is unless I ask our boys how many more sleeps to Santa Claus is here. You see I am back and forth between Wollongong and Sydney. And I am trying to keep everything running smoothly before Family arrive tomorrow night yet I am not sure that I am doing the best Job I can.

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In The Sand

I am sitting here trying to clean up our Photos on two computers because both of them keep on crashing so I want to make sure I save the important Photos onto a Hard-drive before they are broken beyond repair…..

Which means going through over 10,000 pictures on David’s Computer and over 20,000 pictures on my computer!! Yeah its taking me awhile. But its a good thing because I am going through pictures and finding moments that I have not shared here on New Life on the Road.

Moments Like Finding This In The Sand ::

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Navy News Update

This is going to be about both of our older sons….with all of their Navy News Update! So if you don’t want to read it then that’s fine…if you don’t like what I am saying that’s fine…but remember this is our way of living!

Our Son’s Navy News Update ::

All is good with our Oldest Woody Son. He is now out at Sea and we won’t have any phone contact via voice but we are able to connect via Facebook – when the ships Wifi is connected that is. And yep I have sent my third free parcel to him today – we can send anything up to 2kg’s for Free. Mind you it takes six weeks to reach him….and I sent his Sea Sickness tablets to him which he needs!

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