Saying Goodbye To Family

Today we had to say Goodbye. And I am not good at Saying Goodbye to Family – I cry. Every. Single. Time.  I promise myself not to cry and within minutes of the hugs with the boys I start crying. Wished I wasn’t such a baby!

I am not sure why I thought we had more time with them – the days just flew bye far too fast. And I didn’t even get to give any of them massages because I kept thinking we had another day with them.

Last night we celebrated Nicholas 17th Birthday party earlier then his actual day – Still can’t believe he turned 17 already. I put the candles on his Lemon Meringue Pie last night, and almost stopped at 15 candles but then had to think about how old he was turning!

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Turn Back Time

Looking back through photos our Christmas 2014 and found some pictures. Oh I so wished I could Turn Back Time, to when they were little, to when they were all home and it was Crazy, Loud, Nuts, Busy, but oh so much fun. Oh how I wished all five of our boys could be home for Xmas every year but I know that its not ever going to happen again. When they are in the forces life is not there’s and they have to be out at sea.

So if you have little ones, hold them closer, give them kisses and lots of love cause you will blink and they will be gone before you know it.

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Same Family Different Son Different Forces

Same Family Different Son Different Forces

You know I said “No other sons are joining the forces in our family”…well I should have kept my mouth shut! Cause Cameron has been asking to attend Airforce Cadets for sometime and now that we are on the Sunshine Coast I looked it up! Same Family Different Son Different Forces.

Cameron is now part of the Airforce Cadets, he wants to enter the Airforce as a Pilot. And who am I to stand in his way of his dreams? Even though my mama heart is very scared I have to put that aside and trust that it will all work out.

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Raising Five Sons

I get a lot of questions, rude comments and then sometimes some really wonderful people come along and have nice things to say to us parents for Raising Five Sons. {You know who you are, the nice ones, I love you for your support and love}

When we had all five of our boys living with us and we would go out and about I would these comments…..

“Are they all yours?” – No I Kidnapped them and changed their last name to all the same to make it look like they are mine!!! {JOKING}

“Do they all have the same Dad?” – No I slept around five times but David accepted that and raised them all as his own!!!! {JOKING}

“Oh you poor thing, you have five sons so are you going back to try for your girl” – Gee so there is a way to determine what you order online???

“Your poor thing, when its your time to die the gates will be open in heaven because God will know that raising five sons is tough going and you deserve to live in heaven” – I SHIT you not that has been said to my face, and more than once. Like seriously what can people be thinking???

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Christmas Cards 2013

This year {2013} for the very first time I have felt the need to send out Christmas Cards. I am not sure why? I am not sure what’s behind the reason but its like I have wanted an offline connection with our online friends, reconnect with our family and friends and add more friends to the list!!

I love the idea of sending a gift so maybe that is one reason why I wanted to send out Christmas Cards 2013, and maybe its because I am getting a little bit older and wiser 🙂

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Dave The Phone We Tried To Break

** Product Review – written in our words with our experiences. All thoughts are our own**

This post nearly didn’t go live. Only because I had thought that Dave The Phone We Tried To Break was broken! And I didn’t know what to say if that was the case. I was even getting ready to return the phone to sender but lucky for us we didn’t have a return address!

You see we were given “Dave”Model T83 to try out. We were told to drop him….so we did.

He survived dropping from our hands onto our motorhome floor. Do you know how many phones I have broken doing that very thing!!

He survived a day at David’s Work Shop…Dave must be as tough as my hubby David…he didn’t end up with Bruises or lost skin like hubby sometimes come home with. He is like a best friend!

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Merry Christmas From The Woody Family

On Christmas Eve we took two of our boys to see The Best Christmas Lights ever – the other boys decided that they have seen them so many times over the years and didn’t want to see them again!

It was the perfect way to get us all in the mood for Xmas – until that moment no-one in our family had felt like the true Christmas Spirit was with us.

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Any Question Answered Continues

Last week I asked on Facebook if anyone had ideas on what I could write about, and have Any Question Answered if you were willing to ask the question. I had a few questions that I had answered in a previous vlog, and then I had some fresh questions to answer, with Any Question Answered Continues today as I had run out of room last week 🙂

Any Question Answered Continues

Any Question Answered ContinuesIf I answered your question here, then thank you for asking them. If I am yet answer your questions, then I so hope that I can do so today! Any Question Answered Continues, with providing an insight into our family, our life, and our plan to travel. If you are still wondering about any aspect of our Life on the Road, then please ask away below this post 🙂

Robin O’Neal Smith asked the questions on facebook “Do you cook most meals or eat out? Do you all get sick of each other being in such close quarters? How do you get some private time for yourself? How about for you and your husband”

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Wishing You All A Merry Christmas

The Woody family would like to take this time to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. David and I are very touched with how many people we have come to know/meet/email/facebook friends and connect with online. With our New Life on the Road bus – now called “Rose – The Lifestyle Challenge Bus” we are looking forward to 2011.

Wishing You All A Merry Christmas

Thank you to all those that have supported our journey so far. A huge Thank you sent to the wonderful people who entered our Nickname Competition, and to those that voted for our bus name. It was such a great time holding a competition – with meeting like minded people over the Internet and one day soon we will be able to say that we have meet you all in person!! Read more

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