World Toilet Day

Today its a Special Day….did you know there is a “World Toilet Day“? Nope I didn’t realise either until now….

You see living in a 10 Foot Motorhome with three of our five boys we don’t have a Toilet as such, we have tried a Porta Loo once, and it was so very smelly – like really bad smelly. That bad that I wrote about it, read our previous experience “Portable Toilet Cleaner, What Is That Smell“.

As you walked into our Motorhome you could smell it before even opening up the Shower Door. So David has been trying to work out how to add a proper Toilet to our shower but the limited space has made it impossible.

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Girlrising Where Dreams Are Possible

On Friday afternoon I was like a mad women from another planet, trying to get ready and drop two of our boys off to David’s Work so that I could catch the train into Sydney. I am so glad that I went, so glad that I took the train in and meet up with Grace from “With Some Grace” and her Hubby.

Girlrising Where Dreams Are Possible

World Vision asked us to come into to see “Girlrising” at the Movies. I jumped at the chance because I love to experience a movie that takes you on a journey, taking you along with the feelings of another place, another world but where you feel like you are part of that time.

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Vision Of Hope

There has to be hope in this world, otherwise what the hell are we all doing here on this planet? Yet sometimes there seems to be to many people in need and not enough of us caring or doing anything about it.

After all we are only one person, but if we all got together as one we become many! On Tuesday afternoon I was in a mad dash to get everything organised in our Motorhome (lunches made, motorhome cleaned etc) and to drop of Kyle to the baby sitters until David got home from work.

There was an evening for bloggers to attend the Ken Duncan Art Gallery with World Vision in Sydney – a book launch for the amazing project “Vision of Hope – Mother and Child

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World Vision Bloggers :: In India

There are three bloggers over in India at the moment. Seeing and Smelling sites we could never imagine seeing here in Australia. And forever will they be changed from their visit.

Could you image climbing over rubbish to visit the people that live there?

Could you image trying to go to the toilet but because of the different food choices not being able to? I so know that feeling – being constipated is so not good.

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Happy Fathers Day Daddy

Last year I wrote to my Dad for Fathers Day. The only thing is I am not sure he even read what I wrote for him. You see I have no idea where my Dad is living at the moment so I couldnt write and post him a letter.

I wanted to let him know that I am ok with that. I am ok with the fact that I was very stupid and said/did things that to our Father/Daughter Relationship so that he thought he had to move away from us. I am ok with the fact that he has no idea we live in a Motorhome nor does he realise we have our gorgeous son Kyle.

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40 Hour Famine Weekend

This weeknd is 40 Hour Famine! I so wanted to join in this year and help with our much love World Vision charity but I am so bad with dates…..I am not sure why but I thought I had more time to organise the event.

Instead I would like to offer my support to those that are going without. Did you know that you could go without food, or without your phone, or without your computer for the weekend to be able to participate for the 40 hour famine? Next year I am so going to pull my finger out and get better prepared!

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New Life on the Road Featured In Thats Life Magazine

I wasnt going to write about it, nor have I officially announced it anywhere! I normally get excited when I see our story being shared on other blogs, websites, newspapers, radio stations and anywhere online. But this time my mouth was shut closed and I was so very scared.

Thats Life Magazine Featured New Life on the Road

Yeah it doesn’t make sense but I was scared about you buying the magazine, reading my story and then coming here to leave your thoughts about what I had done with buying a motorhome. I was also scared for my family. You see my family (my side of my family) are very private people and they don’t like to be talked about.

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When Did It Become OK To Judge Others

When Did It Become OK To Judge Others

Lately I have come across a few things (online) where I am starting to wonder….When Did It Become OK to Judge Others and yet none of us are perfect? Gee I am so far from perfect that I am anti-perfect! (is there such a thing)

Why Do People Judge When Others Are Doing Good?

It got my back up, and it got me asking questions…Why Do People Judge someone/anyone who is walking and dreaming in their own life, in their own way. We are all different, and we all cope with things in a different way. There is no right or wrong – its about being who you are.

I have been following Eden‘s journey of when she went to Africa for 10 days. She has seen things that will forever change who she is as a person and will change how she will be forever more!

What is amazing is that she put her Family on hold for 10 days to tour a country that is so far in need, and that is so rich in love yet needs the most basic things to survive!

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Our Week In Brief

Our Week In Brief

Thought I would end this crazy weekend in a blog post that shares Our Week In Brief. If I was honest I am struggling with what to write. You see yesterday I was really slack – I took time off. Not that its bad to relax and all that, but I am now trying to get back into the mood and I finding that I can’t think of anything to write!

Our Week Goes By


Last Monday we had our first Featured Blogger and it was so good to read about Jess and Jim with their two children backpacking experience. They travelled for a year, visiting 10 countries and had 18 plane trips! Love that another family is able to travel with their children and experience life.

Featured Blogger

Jess and Jim Family ~

With 2 Kids in Two (blog)

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