Thai Dining

David and I hardly get time alone…living in a Motorhome with four of our five boys means that there is not much privacy ūüôā Having a moment to ourselves, or even time to talk as just adults without four sets of big ears listening in, is a tricky thing to do! That is why we love to go out to Restaurants. But how can we find a Restaurant that offers good Thai Dining at great prices, and at the same time taste good?

Thai Dining

Thai Tong Restaurant

Thai Dining – Thai Tong Restaurant Yandina

With David being such a good cook we find going out to restaurants a disappointment most of the time…as we normally order a dish that is over priced, doesn’t look good, or even taste good. Yet with Thai Dining we know that we will (mostly) have¬† a nice dish that looks good, taste good, is well priced and a place where we will return to again and again!

Eating out at Thai Restaurants is¬†almost like we are experiencing another country yet we are still in Australia! The flavor, the spices, the taste, the experience, the smell….we love eating out at Thai Dining. We also love trying to find a Thai Restaurant that we can recommend, and one that we will return to.

Many years ago (when we only had four boys!) we had a weekend away at Mooloolaba. We meet up with Davids parents, and where they were staying there was a Thai Restaurant down stairs in the Hotel.¬† Davids parents looked after our boys for a few hours so that David and I could go out for dinner. We so enjoyed that night…we could see our boys waving to us through the windows many floors above us, while we got to have dinner without having to worry about anyone! Not sure if the meal tasted so good because it had so many spices (I asked for the Hot Spices!) or because we got to relax so much ūüôā

Thai Tong Restaurant Yandina

ThaiTong Restaurant

Yes we are drinking Mexican Beers in a Thai Restaurant!!

Last Saturday night David gave the boys fish and chips for dinner, and organised a DVD on my computer so that we could go for a Drive and find a Thai Restaurant. We had been recommended to try the Thai Tong Restaurant at Yandina, so that is where we ended up! So glad that we did, because the meals were so yummy…the place was packed, and we were lucky that they could find us a place to sit!

Eating Out For Two

Thai Restaurant

Vegetarian Curry Puffs – entr√©e we shared….there were 3 Curry Puffs!

It’s so nice to be able to spend time eating a meal without having to worry about our boys! We love having dinner with our boys, but we also like to have adult time! Thai Tong Restaurant has many tables where you dine as a big group, or dine as a couple. There is even dining table/chairs that¬†are sunken into the floor!

Thai Dining Yandina

¬†Vegetarian Spring Rolls – another Entree we shared…again there were three spring rolls…I almost forgot to take¬†the photo!

Main Meal

 Penang Curry with Prawns РI love Seafood!

Thai Dining

 Massaman Curry Рwith Lamb. David still likes to eat meat every now and then!

Thai Dining

 Sharing Rice Рthe Rice was great to eat with our main meals!

Thai Dining

 Inside Dining Рsitting on the floor with your legs under the table!

Thai Restaurant Yandina

 Thai Tong Restaurant

Location – 3 Stevens Street Yandina (07) 5446 8330

Menu Рentrée, Main and Desserts are on the Menu. The meals are value for money. Fully licensed or BYO with a cork surcharge

Dine in or Take Away

Vegetarian Dishes available

Value for Money – the only thing we noticed was that the staff were not the most friendliest staff we have come across!

We would return there again – as the Dining experience was worth it.




Please note that all thoughts and opinions are my own. New Life on the Road visited Thai Tong Restaurant in Yandina on our accord!


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