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The New Journey Begins

Posted by on July 9, 2013

Today was a very big day for our Second Son….and it was even worse than when our First Son went into the Navy….at least I didn’t know with our first son how long this interview would go today!!

If you are new here you might want to go back to see “How To Get Into The Navy” to find out how we ended up in this position today.


and waiting….

Zachery going for his navy interview

Zachery and I before he went in for his Interview :)

because our of our Last Name our boys have to wait to be called in!!!

It was almost the same feeling as waiting for a baby to be born – mixed emotions, feeling of the unknown, and not sure what to say afterwards.

Then while we were waiting they took Zachery past us from one office to another office and we had to pretend not to know him {so very awkward!!}

Zachery waiting for another interview

Zachery waiting inside the interview room

He Walked Past Us ~

Into This Room. Where We Could See Him Have Another Interview!!!

In the next office he had to wait to receive more information, and we had to wait…and wait…and wait.

This was the longest day ever….

to see Zachery Smile as he came out after it was finished.

A New Life Begins ::

He was beaming from ear to ear ~ and I was still too scared to ask the question “So Did You Get IN”

I think that I did ask “How Did It Go”

And he was like “All good, lets go”.  That is where I think that I said “Did you pass”

and he smiled.

Yep he smiled and said “All good” -Then he told me ~ He got in!!!!

Next week is his Fitness Test. After that its a matter of waiting for a start date. He was offered two different positions in the Navy, and depending on what comes up first will be the one he is offered :)

Looking very proud of his Suit

Zachery in his Suit

We will then have two sons in the navy, and one more son who is looking at the Army…..both Cameron and Kyle are SO not going into any forces :)

Zachery navy interview

Yep his tie is crooked because he had already taken it off!!

He was getting ready to take off his Suit ~

when I wanted to take more photos ;)

Happy Mum

laughing at my boys!

My boys were mucking around ~

so I kept laughing while they were taking the photo!!!

Kyle proud of his brother

Kyle and Zachery

Thanking you all for the wonderful support, and the encouragement given to our son Zachery.

The New Journey Begins for another Son.



New Life on the Road.

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8 Responses to The New Journey Begins

  1. Ray Eldridge

    Well done Zachery I know it’s a difficult process Navy recruiting make sure you are fit as a mully bull young man your fitness test will be ok but recruits will show who has kept up their fitness and who hasn’t. I know one of your brothers are Navy and that will help you regarding Cerberus and what to expect but it’s up to you MENTALLY to get yourself through that is the toughest part. Good luck young man and I look forward to seeing photos of your pass out parade or (Graduation) from HMAS Cerberus…….Cheers Ray

    • Lisa

      Thanking you so much Ray for your kind support, Zachery said to say thanks, and yep it will be hard work to start with :)

  2. budget jan

    Wow, two sons in the Navy, and one headed for the Army maybe. EEK! Congratulations Zachery.
    budget jan recently posted..Townsville Car Show

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