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There Is Beauty Everywhere

Posted by on October 27, 2012

You just need to open your eyes when walking to see…….

There is Beauty Everywhere

The Purple on This Tree is Stunning.

 The purple flowers fall onto the ground, and the grass looks like a carpet of colour!

Purple Trees

Reminds Me of Something – Not Sure What!

We see this tree every time we walk to school and on the way home.  The trees in Mackay are magical, or maybe its because I finally am seeing whats around me that I think that?

Not sure why but I LOVE this tree….still cant work out what it reminds me of?

There Is Beauty Everywhere ~ Just need to open up your eyes when walking :)

Do You Like The Colour?



New Life on the Road

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13 Responses to There Is Beauty Everywhere

  1. Lisa

    That is certainly a beautiful tree – particularly with the purple against the blue sky behind it! It’s nice to see the burst of colour – our leaves are all falling and winter is on the way!
    Lisa recently posted..Halifax Marriott Harbourfront Hotel

    • Lisa

      Yeah it takes my breath away everytime I walk past it :)

      Funny how we are going into summer, and you are going into winter! Do you have snow where you live? Our kids have always wanted a white xmas!

  2. Wilma Hatcher

    The color looks like periwinkle! It is beautiful! I don’t think I’ve ever seen this kind of tree. What is it?

    • Lisa

      Hi Wilma,

      It sure is a gorgeous colour! Kathy (another reader) let us know that it is a Jacaranda Tree :)


  3. Kathy

    Beautiful trees, but then I LOVE trees. Love the time of year when the Jacarandas are out.

    • Lisa

      Oh so that is what the Tree is! Its a Jacarandas….hey thats why I LOVE This tree – we used to have one in our backyard at D’aguilar. It was a Pink One :)

      And yeah I LOVE trees. Not sure what it is about them!


  4. Naomi Bulger

    I love this jacaranda! I remember last year I was travelling overseas in September-October. When I got home, and back then “home” was Adelaide, our entire street was a lilac-coloured paradise of jacaranda trees in bloom. It said “Summer” with a capital S.

    • Lisa

      Yeah trees are gorgeous when its almost summer time :) And I keep noticing more wherever we are walking!

  5. Michelle

    The Grafton Jacaranda Festival is on right now and guess where we are? Yep right here by happy co-incidence! new post coming up on in soon.
    Michelle recently posted..Apology re some ‘missing’ posts

    • Lisa

      OH Now that would be so much fun and so gorgeous to see :) Looking forward to seeing the photos!

  6. Hope

    LOVE Jacaranda trees… so pretty!

  7. Pepa

    Gorgeous! We don’t have these in the northern hemisphere :) My husband is south african and he was the first one to show me a picture of the streets covered in purple!
    Pepa recently posted..20 minutes

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