Through The Eyes of A Seven Year Old

Kyle is our youngest of five, and our baby. But he is way smarter than I will ever be! He is seven, and he is so very lucky to be raised differently to his other brothers.

I think that the place of the child makes the difference. With our first son (sorry mate) he was our experiment…where everything we did was for the first time. So all of our trial and errors played out on his head. And we learnt big time what to do next time around!!

Gosh we were so strict with what our first son could and couldn’t eat, and how he could/couldn’t play with germs!!

Then our second Son Zachery came along, he was where we sorta got our parenting skills sorted out – almost.

Our third Son Nicholas……well he sure taught us a thing or two about parenting, and still does. He is a law until his own.

Our amazing fourth Son Cameron is special. Not special because we love him any differently or parent any differently but he sees the world through numbers and through his own mind. Again he is parented way differently compared to our older two! Our parenting skills are different full stop!

Now there is Kyle – our free spirited happy go lucky, give the shirt of his back, smiley, kind and loves to be outside doing his own thing everyday. I reckon that if one of our boys was ever to join the Circus it would be Kyle.

Or maybe he will be a beach Bum with long hair, surf board under his arm, dog next to him and a huge smile on his dial.

The other day Cameron was on his “Samsung Tablet” while Kyle was outside….he can never sit still for very long and is always off exploring outside.

He rushed inside and grabbed our Video Camera and the Stand. I asked him what he was doing!!

“I want to show the World what I do everyday”

Those are his words…so he did. He filmed what he does and sees.

I sat down last night and edited the VERY long version of the video {it was about 9 minutes long}.

Put it together to share with you ::

Through The Eyes of A Seven Year Old

What Do You Think About The Placing Of The Child in A Family TO Where They End Up in Life?

David makes our family

Our Family All Have Certain Traits That Make Us Complete!

Our oldest sets goals and smashes them. And is so head strong aka successful.

Our second son has ideas but not really sure if they are what he wants from his life. He needs to realise how much courage he does have inside!

Our third son can never follow through on school work, never cleans up his messes he makes, has a rough idea what he wants to do with his life yet I reckon once he has come out of the other side of teenage hormones years that he will be our most successful out of all of our boys!!

Our Fourth Son. Well he is happy to read and happy with working out huge maths problems. So I reckon that his life will be filled with either writing a book, or working with books!

Our Fifth Son – he is the Character of this family. The one that lights up the room, and the one that has it so easy…being the baby of the family is a good position to be in.

I am the oldest in my family.

David was the oldest in his family.

What Are You In Your Family?

Thanking you for following our Journey.



New Life on the Road

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5 thoughts on “Through The Eyes of A Seven Year Old

  • May 29, 2013 at 4:25 pm

    I’m the eldest in my family but it’s interesting, I see patterns between how my siblings and my children in the placement of each in the family. The eldest seems to be fairly good student, cautious, risk averse, the second eldest seems to be very black and white and strong opinions, the third in my family seems to be a people pleaser and easy going and the youngest – fiery but also full of light, much like your youngest!!

    • June 3, 2013 at 6:30 pm

      It sure is interesting to see what places in the family our children are to what personality they are!!!

      And yes the youngest are full of light – they are like a ray of sunshine 🙂

    • June 4, 2013 at 10:44 am

      so very true Jan – our family is all different!!

      And yep totally relaxed with our last boy compared to our other sons 😉

      Kyle sure is funny in the video!!

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