Top Shots Maroochydore

Even though we woke up to rain on Sunday morning, we thought that it would clear in time for us to all head to TopShots Maroochydore. Besides we had got our boys so excited that we had to go – no matter what the day was like!

Luckily for all of us the  rain held off for most of our time spent there. Actually some of the rides are based around water so it really didnt matter.

TopShots Maroochydore

Its free to enter TopShots at Maroochydore. All you do is pay for what you want to ride on, and for the mini Golf. I liked the set up – walking through the door it was almost like walking through a disco, with arcade games on one wall and table/seating on the other side. There is also two different courses for Mini Golf – providing 18 holes on each side of Topshots.

Mini Golf and Games

Mini Golf

Our boys were keen to try the rides, but at the same time was looking forward to the Mini Golf – so we headed there first. It was so much fun watching them trying to work out how to hit the ball with the least amount of strokes.

Topshots Maroochydore

All Three Boys trying to work out how to play Mini Golf ~

Nicholas, Cameron and Kyle with Daddy keeping score!

Not sure but I think Kyle might have broken the record for how many hits it takes to get the ball into one hole!!

Topshots Maroochydore

Kyle kept on hitting the ball ~

and eventually he got it in!

Blaster Boats

Once they had enough of laughing and trying playing the mini golf we headed to the rides. Cameron jumped onto the Blaster Boats – where he had fun delight in wetting everyone and getting wet. I was trying to take the photos without getting the camera wet – gosh I never realised how good his aims were!!

Topshots Blaster Boats

Cameron on the Blaster Boats

Extreme Trampoline

The big hit for the day was the Extreme Trampoline. All of our boys lined up for this one…and wanted to have another turn. I havent seen a trampoline on its side before, nor one that tall. Kyle (being the monkey) got the hang of that one straight away. Cameron was so funny – he turned around so many times and instead of hitting the mat with his feet he ended up hitting the mat with his bum!

Nic and Cameron on the extreme trampoline

 Nicholas and Cameron on the Extreme Trampoline!

Rock Wall

Inside is the Rock Wall. There are three different levels – easy, medium, and hard. Nicholas, Cameron and Kyle had a go together. Nic had the strength to be at the top in no time. Cameron’s little arms and legs were shaking so much half way up. Kyle – he got to the middle and then stated that he was scared of hights.

 Rock Wall climb

Nicholas, Kyle and Cameron ~

Climbing up the Rock Wall

He has never ever said that  before so David and I started laughing. He is normally the first up a tree and is sitting up the top while others are trying to get to the higher branches. I think it was a case of not having a big branch to wrap his arms and legs around that he thought he couldnt climb up higher. Yet he got down, and was straight back up for another try.

Topshots Rock wall

Zachery and Cameron on the Rock Wall ~

Zachery reached the top in no time…Cameron did better this time around!

Zachery sat back and watched everyone. Maybe its a teenager thing – but it took a lot of “come on – what you going to go on” before he had a turn of mini golf and then went on the Rock Wall. I have never seen him climb up like that before – but gee was he fast. Once you get to the top you hit a button and the buzzer goes off – he did it in seconds with all three levels. Good to see a smile on his face!

Pool Table

They even have a pool table……which Kyle and Daddy had a go at trying pretended they knew how to play. It was good because Kyle and Daddy don’t get to spend much time one on one having fun – usually one or two of his brothers are with him!

Topshots Maroochydore

Woody Boys ~ Playing Pool There way!

Yet it was not your normal pool game. I think every rule in the game was broken that day. From picking up the ball and moving it to another spot for better aim, to even putting the balls into the hole with their hands.

There was so many “Near Misses” from Kyle, lots of laughter from me (as I was watching David cheat I couldnt stop laughing) and lots of trying to coach Kyle back away from the Arcade games to the pool table. Yet I saw both of them smiling from ear to ear so I reckon that the game was worth it!


Kyle was keen to try out the water slide, while Cameron and Nicholas went back onto the Blaster Balls.

Kyle having fun at Topshots

  Kyle loved the Water Slide

Cameron and Zachery had already raced each other up the climbing wall – well at least Cameron tried to race him!

Soon it was time to leave. Our tickets had been used on all of the attractions…Zachery sharing his around because he only went into the Cannon Ball Blaster and Climbed the rock wall.

Topshots Maroochydore

Canon Ball Blaster

It was a great day out and the best part was being able to see what TopShots Maroochydore had to offer.

While we were there we watched a HUGE Birthday Party. It was massive – not sure how many children were there but I was thinknig what a brilliant place to have a party!

I also noticed how friendly the staff were. They all pitched in and helped each other, even though it was busy and so loud (children laughter and having lots of fun was heard by all!) there was a really great feel amongst the staff members.

Topshots Maroochydore

It almost felt like a “Family Team” effort. Even one staff member brought out hot chocolate to the staff member that was looking after the Water Slide.  They were young staff so it was good to see them taking care of each other – most of them were still at school or studying at Uni.

All in all it was a great day, and if were staying in the Sunshine Coast area we could so easily buy yearly passes as I could see the value in dropping in when ever we wanted!!

About Topshots Maroochydore

Location :-

                        Corner Maroochydore Road & Allora Drive
Maroochydore, 4558 Queensland  Australia (07) 5452-7007    


They have a variety of packages available – from unlimited Mini Golf, Combo Pack, Action Pack and Mega Pack.

Depending on your time will depend on what package will suit you and your family. The Mega Pack gives unlimited rides and unlimited mini golf at the price of $110.00 per family.

Opening Hours:-

Topshots Maroochydore


Mini Golf, Blaster Boats, Cannon Ball Blaster, Extreme Trampoline, Rock Climbing, Water Slide and Arcade Games


Available for party and group Bookings – perfect for work functions, birthday parties, hens party, special occassions and more!

Have You Been To TopShots Maroochydore?




Please Note – Topshots Maroochydore provided our family passes for unlimited Mini Golf and Five rides. All thoughts and opinions are our own. We also have more photos over at our fanpage!

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