True Aussie

Since we have stayed in our new spot (across from the Caravan Park that we were staying at) we have seen and been a part of so much True Aussie Spirit! Unless I was first hand witness I wouldn’t have believed it was possible.

Gee I so Wished that I had taken photos of the last three weeks. And what has been going on….

Never Mind ~ Will have to try and put it into words.

We are staying in the backyard of the most amazing couple. They are opening up their home, their hearts and their family to ours. We are allowed to use their kitchen – their amazing big oven – anytime that we like. Which our boys are loving because they get to have their all time favorite meal – Lasagna.

We are allowed to use their big swimming pool anytime we want!

The swimming pool that the community put in. Well maybe not the whole community but it sure seems like it….last weekend “The Man of the House” asked a few mates to drop in to help with concreting around his pool.

swimming pool

We have access to this amazing pool

The Pool That Everyone Helped With ~

The concrete was done last weekend.

At least 15 blokes turned up.

Not kidding (gee I was so stunned I forgot to get my camera out!)

Those blokes all helped with the pouring of the concrete (they got a truck in for the pouring), then they all helped with keeping the concrete out of the pool, and then helped with making sure it was setting right. They had trowels and they had rakes, gumboots and even had electronic levelers.

It was that hot that “The Lady of the House” and I was handing out cold water as fast as we could.

Mind you they drank more beer than water!!

Those blokes were the real deal. They stayed until the concrete was set perfectly. The man of the house thanked them all, offered more beer and made sure everyone got home safe n sound.

Community helped with the concrete

True Aussie Spirit – everyone came to help!

Concrete was in on Saturday,

fence in Sunday…tiles going day this weekend 🙂

The next day the Man of the House and his Boss (yeah his Boss lives in the Man Shed that is behind our Motorhome!!)put the fence up. In one day – yes….the concrete was in on the Saturday and then on the Sunday the Fence was up.

That is the True Aussie mateship coming out in full force.

David helped with the concreting.

Help Is Returned.

On the Sunday David had to pull our car apart. He was so rough with the Clutch on the way to work…and our clutch needs replacing. He was under the car in the full on sun and working through his Car Manual to work out what parts needing taking out.

I was out at the time ~ another amazing Travelling Couple needed help. So I was driving to Mackay airport to assist them.

When I got back I was stunned to see David sitting down talking to the Man of the House Father. David even had a beer in his hand (David rarely drinks!)

What stunned me the most was how David was given a helping hand.

Fixing our gears

The Man of the House and his Mates Help David

Our Car is Out of Action ~

Yet we Still have cars to drive!

The neighbour two doors up came on down and got under the car with David. Another mate turned up and got under the Car with David. The man of the house started passing all his tools over – what ever they needed, he gave.

Within 30 minutes the car was apart. David worked out with the help of others what parts needed replacing, how much the engine needed a good oil clean and we now have a car in bits….looks a bit like a jigsaw puzzle!

Yet there is more!

Those same three blokes have agreed to help David put our car back together this weekend (thanking you universe cause I dont think he really would know what goes where!)

So we are without a car….

but not really.

Cause Dave is using the man of the house work ute….which is left here because with the work that the man of the house does he is given his own car from work.

And I am using the Bosses Black Beast.

I kid you not…this is the car I am given to drive or pick up our kids in…….

The Man of the House Bosses Car

The Man of the House Boss Lets Me Use this Car

 The Black Beast ~

The Ute I get to Drive!

True Spirit

The House We Have Our Motorhome Parked out the back of.

 This House was built a few years ago ~

The Man of the House Built this House For His family.

The True Aussie Spirit lives in this House. And its so good to see….and so amazing to be part of.

We are giving back ~ David is helping with his wielding skills, and I help with cooking as many meals as possible. Or School Drop offs, School Pick ups. We are also paying rent here ~ not as much as what we had to pay in the caravan park that we were staying at so we get to save more money!

Yet it doesn’t seem like we are giving back as much as we are receiving.

Cause we have more amazing news regards our Motorhome Renovations….and its all because of the gorgeous couple that we are staying with….will have more about that soon. (Here is our Latest Renovations News!)

Oh and I have the best news!

But you will have to come back later for that and more.

Yep the universe is amazing – when one opens up their heart, and their eyes good things happen. Maybe they were all around us before we started our New Life on the Road, maybe our family was too blind to see it?

What Does The True Aussie Do?

They give a helping hand, they give their time, they give their friendship, they give from the heart and they are their for each other. To me that is the Real Aussie Deal 🙂

Have You Seen The Real Aussie?

Life on the Road sure has given us so much.

or do you know the Real Aussie?



New Life on the Road

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