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Trying To Stay All Natural and Away From The Doctors

Posted by on March 13, 2012

On Sunday we headed off to the local hospital. It was something that we had been trying to avoid, but was soon something that we had to do.

Trying To Stay All Natural

We dont actually have a doctor that we see – we havent been to a doctor in years. And we havent had any medication for a very long time. Yet Nicholas has something in his foot or somehow hurt his foot – so much so that he is not able to walk on it. We try to stay Away From The Doctors because we don’t believe that we need them.

WARNING – Please note that the photos are not the nicest!!

Trying to stay all natural and away from the doctors

Nicholas Foot ~

The doctor did a drawing to make sure that the redness is not spreading!

Going To The Hospital

Sure was an experience. Something that I would prefer not to do again. Once we worked out where we could park the car, and found the emergency entrance, and gave all the answers to the many questions, it was a matter of waiting.

Actually the waiting was very quick – maybe the quickest we have ever had to wait to see a Doctor.

But it was not the solution we were hoping for.

The Doctor decided that there was nothing that could be done because he couldn’t see how anything could be in there. There is no entrance hole and after feeling around he couldn’t feel anything – no boil and no way of telling for sure that there was anything that should not be in there.

He cleaned off the foot, and gave Nicholas some  crutches, a dose of antibiotics, and a form for a CT Scan. Then sent us own our way. With the news that its an infection!

Today is now day five since he hurt his foot. 

So far we have tried Honey, Banana Skin, Herbal poultice on it and now we are trying Cabbage to see if that will draw out the infection. I only just remembered that we had brought the Cabbage on the weekend….I remember using it for when I had Mastitis (breast infection) and it felt like heaven. The cool feeling on the heat – magical.

Trying to stay natural with a remedy

We are now using Cabbage ~

To help with the infection.

He is on pain relief, and trying to take it easy. Yet we are still Trying to Stay All Natural and Away From The Doctors.  We are trying to do everything possible to stay Natural.

Fingers crossed today is the worst – whats that saying…”it has to get worse before it gets better?” Well lets hope that today is the worst. Tomorrow is the day it gets better.

He is so not good at pain – luckily he does not have to give birth…they would have to knock him out completely!!

Trying to stay away from the Doctors

Kicking Back ~

Playing the PSP (so grateful that we have this!)

Do You Have Any Other Home Based Remedies For Infections?



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19 Responses to Trying To Stay All Natural and Away From The Doctors

  1. lisa | renovating italy

    Has he taken the full course of antibiotics? Have you asked around the camp site maybe someone else has had the same problem? Is there any alternative health places near you? Try them and if you are going to go natural then you need to know exactly what to use so there is no need for guessing, hope he heals up soon!

    Wonder what caused it? sending love and TLC
    ciao lisa and the gang

    • Lisa

      Hi Lisa,

      No one in the caravan park has got this infection! We are now using everything and anything to help Nicholas foot infection. Today it feels better, even if it doesnt look it:)


  2. Jenny Johnson

    Hi Lisa – this looks very uncomfortable. I remembered my mother used to make a bread/milk poultice for drawing out infection so I googled it and came across this page:

    And in my searching I discovered that many others seem to have had success with raw bacon! See here:

    Hope this helps Nicholas.
    Jenny Johnson recently posted..Caravan Reno–Carpet

    • Lisa

      Hi Jenny,

      Thanks for the links – I went and checked them out! We tried the bread/milk poultice and then went back to the cabbage as that seems to be working!!


  3. Jackie Stenhouse

    ooh that looks sore, I have no remedy but hope Nicholas feels better tomorrow. Yes he is a boy which means they are no good at pain and if it was up to them to populate the earth, we would have no babies hee hee
    Jackie Stenhouse recently posted..Valentines Day Decorations

    • Lisa

      Hi Jackie,

      He is still sore! And he is still letting us know that its hurting!! So very true about men not having babies!!!


  4. Pieces of Sunshine

    Hope Nicholas is soon improving! The infection does seem to have a distinct head. The Dr didn’t suggest opening it?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Pieces of Sunshine recently posted..Garden Critters

    • Lisa

      Hi Karen,

      Would you believe that the Doctor didn’t suggest opening it up! Yet since we have, and then got out heaps of puss last night, its not as red as what it was. Its also not feeling that sore any more!

      A few more days of resting, cabbage leaves, and herbal remedies and it should be on the mend!


  5. Leovi

    Yes, interesting tips. Fasting Raw garlic is a great antibacterial. Greetings.

    • Lisa

      Hi Leovi,

      Yeah we use Raw Garlic for lots of things..never thought about for Foot Infections – Will get him onto taking some :)


  6. Leanne

    Hi there

    Maybe a spider bite? he needs to take the full dose of antibiotics otherwise no point in taking any

    I also believe in natural therapy but if that turns into an ulcer or something and spreads he could lose his foot!

    • Lisa

      Hi Leanne,

      Funny – we have had a few people on Facebook (as well as here) say spider bite. Yet the Doctor at the hospital never thought of that? We are not sure, but we think it might be from the boat he has been working on. Its made with treated wood, and we are wondering if one of the splinters got into his foot? Or an infection from a rock that he was playing on.

      Maybe now he will start to wear shoes!


  7. jan

    I thought it looked like a spider bite or bee sting. Sometimes the bees are in the grass and you walk on them. I recently had an infected finger. I took antibiotics and the Doctor said that puss would appear somewhere under the skin and when it did I should pierce the skin and get the puss out. The puss did arrive but it was under my fingernail! Eventually the affected piece of nail came off.
    It does look very sore. My mother used to put black ointment called Ithiol? on this sort of thing. It is meant to draw stuff out.
    Good Luck.

    • Lisa

      Hi Jan,

      The puss is coming out. And there is heaps of it :)

      We have been using drawing ointment (cant think whats its called!) and as well as Cabbage leaves. The redness is going down so thats a good sign. Its the first time any of our boys have had an infection like this!

      Thanks for the great tips.


  8. Sarah

    Ouch, that looks sore!!

    When our 11 year old cut her foot on glass we bathed it in Colloidal Silver twice a day … no infection at all!

    Hope it heals soon.
    Sarah recently posted..Serenity Mackay

    • Lisa

      Hi Sarah,

      It is very sore…he sure is letting us know! I have used colloidal silver for ear infections before…will have to try it with his foot! I had forgotten about how good the Colloidal Silver is :)


  9. Kate @ Back to Basics Tuition

    Oh I used cabbage leaves when breast feeding too! And we are with you on the whole doctor thing. I think it is better to spend more money eating fresh. nutritious food and not get sick in the first place (although mystery foot infections are another thing altogether!). Hope he is feeling better and pain free soon (as much for your sake as his!)
    Kate @ Back to Basics Tuition recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – 80’s Summer

    • Lisa

      Hi Kate,

      the Cabbage leaves rock! We are the same – eating fresh Vegetarian food, and trying Natural ways to heal – yet we have never seen a foot infection like this one!

      The pain is going and so is the redness so that must mean its getting better.

      Thanks for stopping by.


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