We Are Back And Forth

So very sorry that I have not been here for some time…..I am finding it hard to breath at the moment, and don’t have enough hours in the Day.

Actually I can’t remember what day it is unless I ask our boys how many more sleeps to Santa Claus is here. You see I am back and forth between Wollongong and Sydney. And I am trying to keep everything running smoothly before Family arrive tomorrow night yet I am not sure that I am doing the best Job I can.

Travelling to our older sons place


I have also been uploading more to YouTube because I find it easier to Vlog then Blog at the Moment. And to me that makes sense – finding the easier way of life.

Its been interesting to see how much I have wanted to make home made gifts!

Gift Plate of Goodies


Rocky Road


Easy Rocky Road For Christmas!

And its good because our Boys were able to experience a normal every day childhood treat…..

Licking The Bowl ::

From Rocky Road ::

To Christmas Cakes::

Shopping trips ::

Kyle Shopping Trip


Interesting to see how much I can get done during the day with children, cleaning of the Motorhome and more….

At least I am keeping busy because the time fly’s by that way and I am not left sitting around with too much time to think!

And yes its getting closer to Christmas and I still haven’t worried about Christmas shopping because I was able to buy some down at Kiama Night Market, as well as shop today with Kyle in the Crown Street Mall of Wollongong.

Phil Winterton Photography


Gorgeous Photos of Kiama ~

From the Talented Phil Winterton

Sorry my phone does not do them justice but I did not think to use my Camera!

Again I didn’t think to take any photos of both places because I was literally living in the moment and not too concerned about recording it through a lens!

Guess you could say that “New Life on the Road” at the moment is taking up with family time, and that is the way it should be at Christmas Time.

So yes over the next week We Are Back and Forth between Sydney and Wollongong, and its the way its going to be so that we can spend Christmas Day with our Family, Boxing Day with our Family and the next few days after wards….until the excitement of Christmas is gone and then its back to normal day living.

Mind you I am sure that something different will turn up after Christmas!!

You might become confused on where we are at in the next few days, that’s perfectly normal and OK because I think with all of the driving that I have ahead I too will become confused…

Next Year we have a different plan for Christmas, but I am not saying exactly what yet till its all organised.

So What About You?

Are You Ready For Christmas?

Merry Christmas from us to you πŸ™‚

Hope I can get back on here for more blogging before Christmas but if I don’t find the time please connect with us at Youtube because that is where you will find out what we are up to!



New Life on the Road

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One thought on “We Are Back And Forth

  • December 23, 2013 at 4:02 am

    I so wish my blogger friends would put up personal videos every now and then like you do, Lisa! I’ve made all of these fantastic, great friends and I always want to be able to attach a voice to the person, ya know? Of course Australian accents rock to boot πŸ™‚ I totally appreciate the small kitchen and limited counter space as I have a tiny kitchen myself! But, the best results come out in the end just like for you too! Your boys are so awesome and I get such a kick out of hearing and seeing them interact with each other and with you. You are doing fantastic and as always, make sure to pat yourself on the back for a job well done! Now if I can get a mail order delivery for some of those treats please πŸ™‚
    Mike recently posted..My Golden Retriever, Phoenix, And I Believe In Santa Claus


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