We Are On The Road Not

We left Yandina Caravan Park this morning about 11.00 am – an hour later than we would like. But we were super happy to be heading up North. We are hoping to head to an area where we have not been before, and explore new places.

We Are On The Road Not

This time we didn’t have to have any toilet stops nor drink stops. We had water on board and no-one needed to go to the toilet. Then we got to Sexy Coffee.  Which is right next door to Caltex on the highway. Just before Maryborough – we decided to stop there for lunch as they have such good food.  I think because so many truckies stop at Caltex so that is why the food is good.

Leaving Yandina Caravan Park

Leaving Yandina Caravan Park ~

This Morning!

Then that was it.

We are now waiting for a mobile mechanic to come on out. We can not get the bus out of first gear. Actually David cant get the bus into any gear – its stuck.

New life on the road

He Arrived By The Time I Walked From the Shower Block Back to the Bus~

At first I thought it might be something easy…now we are not so sure.

Fingers crossed the Mobile Mechanic can get here before dark, and fingers are crossed that it is something very simple. So we are on the Road almost….we want to at least reach Bundaberg before tonight 🙂

New life on the road bus

Not able to move from First Gear 🙁

Caltex Sexy Coffee

Kyle Playing in A Tree!

Will have more as soon as I know!

Until then stay safe everyone.



New Life on the Road.

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