We Have A View That Makes Everything So Worth It

We arrived in Mackay on Friday afternoon – yet it seems like we have been here before! We used to live here many years ago, so its been interesting visiting places that are still the same, and visiting places that have changed over time.

There Is One Place So Worth It

We have A View That Makes Everything So Worth It – all the many discussions we have had with our family about living on the road…all the sweat and tears that David has put into renovating our bus, all the questions we get from family and friends who don’t get our lifestyle, all the stuff we have sold…we have a view to die for!

Here Is What We Wake Up To Every Day…..

Staying In Mackay

 We walk across the Caravan Park ~

down a track and this is now our backyard!!

Mackay Great Beaches

 Kyle Loves Fishing ~

We know that he is safe on this Beach!

Mackay Beach

We Came Across This On The Beach~

Still cant work out what it is for?

We walk across the Caravan Park, down a little track and then straight onto the beach…where our boys are already making sand castles, fishing and having lots of fun!

Then as the Sun goes down at night-time we have a view like this…..

Beach Sun Set

Watching the Sun going down ~

While trying to get our boys to come back to the Bus!

Mackay Beaches

Kyle is still out fishing ~

Even though the Sun is going down!

Beach Sun Set

 Love Seeing A Sun Set ~

Especially on the Beach!

When we lived in Mackay we used to go to a fruit and veggie shop near where David used to Work…well its still there 🙂 Maybe it has different owners but the same shop is there….

Mackay Fruit and Veggie Store

 Feels Weird going to the Same Fruit n Veggie Store!

Looking forward to exploring more of Mackay in the next few weeks! Still have so many posts to catch up on…like what I learnt from Digital Parents, our fantastic trip to Seaworld and where we used to stay on the Sunshine Coast!

Till then I am going to be enjoying the magical View That Makes Everything So Worth It!

Have You Stayed Somewhere That Felt Like Heaven On Earth?



New Life on the Road

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