We Loved Hill End And We Think You Will Too

I guess you could say that with all of the Eight Blog Posts that I shared from our Easter Weekend that We Loved Hill End And We Think You Will Too.

We only spent one long weekend there but we LOVED every minute of it. From Lookouts to the Cemetery {yes we love reading headstones} to Valentines Mine, to Golden Gully to even a spot of Gold Mining….there is something for everyone at Hill End.

Seven Must See Spots In Hill End ::

  1. The main street of Hill End. Where you can walk from Building to Building and read the history information of what used to be there. Watch the Horse and Carriage ride through town {or have a ride} and image how busy the place used to be.
  2. Information Centre – which also has the Museum inside with the biggest replica of a Gold Nugget that we have ever seen.
  3. Golden Gully. Never ever seen arch ways and so many path ways to explore. Then there is the Caves, if we had a week we would have spent of our time all the cave entrances.
  4. Cemetery –  We Love the information that are on the Head Stones. Reading about People who where here before us, who are loved by their family members. There is one particular burial spot where all the family was layed to rest together, beautiful. As well as one where the “Dad” must have loved Wood working – he had so many wonderful statues/plaques about building/trucks/woodworking.
  5. Hill End Quartz Roasting Pits – not much left of the roasting pits but with the imagination and the information of the pits you could imagine how they used to be worked.
  6. Valentines Mine – all the mine pits are now behind protective barriers {David used to visit Hill End as a young boy and he remember the Mines were all open to the public} but you can read about how the Mine was worked, and you can lower a rock through the protective cage to hear how deep the mines are.
  7. Lookouts – there are a few lookouts that we visited, many that we didn’t have time to stop and look at, maybe next time! Merlins Lookout was good, you could see where they are now mining on the side of the hills.


Hi-Lights of Hill End ::

Our family has a night time routine where we ask each other “what was your favorite today” – the hi-light of our trip to Hill End was using the Gold Detector and the use of a Fire Place each  night….we had our own fire pit at our camping spot where we sat around eating dinner, talking and having fun. It was a great way to bond, relax and warm up before going to bed.

So Tell Me….

Have you been to Hill End?

What is your Hi-Light/Favorite spot to visit?

If you could travel anywhere in the world {forget all the excuses} where would you go and why?

Thanking you for letting us share our wonderful Easter Weekend.



New Life on the Road

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2 thoughts on “We Loved Hill End And We Think You Will Too

    • June 8, 2014 at 8:03 pm

      Hi Mike,

      Oh I have so missed you, missed your kind words and your wonderful blog posting….I am looking up the Virginia City Cemetery, did you mean Boot Hill Virginia City Nevada? Looked that up on YouTube. Such a eerie but yet pretty cemetery at the same time, if that’s possible?

      Thanks for sharing the spooky cemetery. xx


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